eSim deals: these are the best deals by carrier (April 2023)

iPhones have been supporting eSim for a while now, and the iPhone 15 is rumored to no longer even have a physical SIM. We tell you more about the electronic SIM card and where to go for the best deals!

What is eSim and what are the benefits?

eSim stands for embedded SIM: a SIM card that is built into your smartphone. A profile of a provider with your bundle and data is loaded onto an electronic SIM card. Furthermore, eSim works the same as a physical SIM card. So you can just surf the internet and call to your heart’s content.

eSim deals: these are the best deals by carrier (April 2023)

From the iPhone XS (Max) in 2018, all iPhones already support eSim. It was even possible to put a physical SIM card and an eSIM in your iPhone. Apple is reportedly now working on an eSim-only iPhone 15. Although the principle is largely the same, it has a number of advantages.

For example, switching between SIM cards is child’s play, because you no longer have to wait for the postman to bring your new SIM card. Scan the QR code and the new data will be loaded. An eSim cannot be broken and getting lost in the mail is no longer an option. An eSim is therefore less susceptible to fraud.

However, there is also a disadvantage: you have to activate the card yourself via a code, so malicious parties can do that too. A hacker can retrieve your password and run off with your eSim – and therefore telephone number. Fortunately, strong passwords, password managers, and two-step verification provide good security.

Best eSim offers at a glance

Do you want to use eSim in your iPhone? Then you would do well to find out whether your provider has support for this. The range in the Netherlands from providers that offer eSim is quite sparse. T-Mobile was the first provider and in the meantime you can also contact Simyo, Vodafone and KPN. We have listed the eSim offers from these providers for you.

1. Simyo: competitive deals on eSim

At Simyo you call, text and use the internet via the KPN network. That network is known to be stable and reliable. If you never use mobile internet, you simply leave out data in your bundle. The provider also has bundles with 10GB, 12GB or 15GB internet for large users. You can also choose between 200 minutes/texts and unlimited calls. You can read more information about eSim at Simyo on their site.

At the moment, thanks to the Sharp Deals on eSim, you can save money if you take out a SIM-only subscription with Simyo. You pay now 10 euros per month for a bundle with 10GB data and 200 call minutes or text messages. The bundles with 2GB and 6GB internet are also participating in the promotion.

View eSim deals at Simyo

2. KPN: take advantage of Combivoordeel

KPN offers a wide choice of bundles for eSim. You can choose from no data, 2GB, 20GB or unlimited internet. You can also use their stable 5G network with this bundle. If you already have other KPN subscriptions at your address, you can share MBs with each other and save even more costs.

Especially the bundle with unlimited data is currently very competitively priced if you already have internet from KPN Thuis. You now pay 25 euros per month to use the internet as much as you want. You will also receive up to 10 euro discount per month with combination benefit. This only applies if you already have a KPN Thuis internet subscription at your address.

View eSim deals at KPN
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3. T-Mobile: extra flexible

If you like to stay flexible every month, T-Mobile is worth considering. The provider allows you to adjust the amount of data, calling minutes or text messages up or down every month. Do you expect to have to use the internet more often on the go? Then you can easily adjust your bundle. Read more about eSim at T-Mobile.

Do you already have internet from T-Mobile at home? You benefit from additional discounts. For example, a bundle with unlimited data now costs you 25 euros per month instead of 35 euros. You will also receive a 5 euro discount on your internet at home. So that’s in total 15 euros discount.

View eSim deals at T-Mobile

4. Vodafone: Runner deals

If you opt for an eSim subscription via Vodafone, you will receive standard access to 5G speeds. You can choose from small or large bundles, so there is always one that suits you. There is also a bundle where you can share data with friends.

You can benefit from the Runnersdeals at Vodafone until 29 May. On a bundle with 20GB data you now get 3 euros discount per month. If you have a Ziggo internet subscription at home, you will receive another up to 7.50 euro discount per month and double the number of MBs. The Safe Online XL package also ensures that you can go online safely and you can choose an extra TV package.

View eSim deals at Vodafone

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