‘EU working on plan to allow e-fuels after 2035’

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Under pressure from Germany, among others, the EU is adjusting the regulations for passenger cars for the period from 2035, says Reuters. There would be a proposal containing the much-desired exception for cars running on synthetic fuels.

Reuters news agency states that it has already seen a draft version of the amended plans. It would state that after 2035 there will be a separate category for cars with combustion engines that can only run on e-fuels, or synthetic fuels. In contrast to that of the more traditional internal combustion engines, this category would also be allowed after 2035. One requirement is that the cars are actually incapable of running on traditional fuels, says Reuters.

This is an important change, according to some, because it creates an opportunity for car manufacturers to continue to supply cars with combustion engines in Europe after 2035. Germany in particular would like this, although there are more European countries that are certainly not enthusiastic about the European plans. In principle, these consist of the fact that from 2035 only zero-emission cars may be sold, which in practice means that the vast majority of cars must be electric from then on. Apart from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia are also not enthusiastic about the idea.


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