Even more clues for HomePod with display: we already know this

Indications have again emerged that Apple is working on a HomePod with a display. We already know this about the updated version of the HomePod!

Apple is working on HomePod with display

Apple has released a new test version of tvOS 17.4 this week, which mainly includes minor improvements. So it is a small update, but some interesting code has been found in the beta. A new device called ‘Z314’ has appeared in the test version. This may indicate a HomePod with display, which runs on a new version of tvOS.

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According to rumors, this new device is equipped with an A15 Bionic chip, which the iPad mini 6 already runs on. We have not seen that chip in the HomePod before, because Apple’s speaker is equipped with the S7 chip. So it looks like Apple is working on a HomePod with a display, which works with a Bionic chip for the first time. This new device is reportedly already in an advanced stage.

HomePod with screen

HomePod with iPad mini

Due to previous versions of tvOS, we already know that Apple tests how the software runs on a modified version of the iPad mini 6. With tvOS 17.2, Apple tested how the software would look on an 8-inch display. This is comparable to the screen of the iPad mini 6, as the tablet has an 8.3-inch screen. We could see a similar display with the new HomePod.

So it now appears that the next HomePod may run on tvOS. This will probably be a modified version of the software, which will give the HomePod many more functions. For example, the HomePod with display is suitable for watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, but you can also easily control all your smart devices with it. That should make the HomePod the center of your smart home.

HomePod update

New speaker will be released soon

According to rumors, Apple is working on two new HomePods, one of which has a screen that resembles an iPad mini. The other version has a small LCD screen at the top, where the volume buttons are currently located. It is expected that the HomePod with the small LCD display will eventually replace the HomePod 2. The HomePod with the larger screen will also be released.

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We probably won’t have to wait long for the new HomePod, because the usually reliable Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that the speaker will be announced in early 2024. It is quite possible that Apple will unveil the new HomePod next month, when the new iPads and MacBook Air also arrive. So just be patient, because the next HomePod will probably appear soon.

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