Apple recently announced the iPhone 15. If you want to upgrade your smartphone to the iPhone 15 Pro, you can read everything about this latest iPhone here.

You may have already heard it. On September 12, Apple announced the new iPhone 15. This announcement brings four new iPhones to the market: the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Plus, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. As you have come to expect from Apple, the Pro devices have slightly more advanced features than the ‘standard’ iPhone 15. If you are considering upgrading your phone to the iPhone 15 Pro, you should of course know what you are getting. In this blog you can read everything about the latest iPhone 15 Pro.

Faster than fast
The iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with an A17 Pro chip. This chip is produced with the latest 3nm technology. This iPhone is the first to use this advanced technology. This new chip is even faster than its predecessors, which is very useful if you use your phone a lot and need some speed.

Saying goodbye to Lightning
The Lightning connection that you are used to from Apple will disappear with the iPhone 15. A switch will be made to USB-C. You may be familiar with this connection from MacBooks or other Apple products such as the iPad. Many other equipment, not from Apple, also uses USB-C. This way you don’t have to travel with a whole bag full of cables that always get tangled.

The most professional camera yet
Apple puts a lot of effort into improving the camera with every new device. The iPhone 15 is certainly no exception. The iPhone 15 Pro’s camera supports a native resolution of 24 MP. This ensures incredibly sharp images. This way you can take beautiful pictures right from your phone. The iPhone 15 Pro camera is equivalent to seven professional lenses. You will certainly see this quality on your camera roll. Even for professionals, this camera is a real asset.

The design
Of course you are a fan of Apple because of its ease of use and advanced technology. But let’s be honest, the design certainly plays a role too. What does the new iPhone look like? First, Apple is switching from steel to titanium. The straight corners of the iPhone 12 make way for rounded corners. The edges around the screen are also a lot thinner. Fun fact: there is no smartphone on the market with such thin screen edges. Not everything changes, the Dynamic Island with the selfie camera also remains with the iPhone 15.

The colors of the iPhone 15 Pro
The Pro models of iPhone are always designed more businesslike than the standard models. No bright colors such as purple or red, but simply sleek, classic and timeless. The switch to titanium gives the simple colors a very unique look. The iPhone 15 Pro comes in four colors: black titanium, white titanium, blue titanium and titanium. The edges are also made of titanium and have a brushed look with a lot less shine. Slightly different, but very beautiful. All these changes make the iPhone 15 Pro a real upgrade. Are you going shopping for a new phone on September 22?

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