Everything you need to know about the new iPads (iPhone News #19)

This week was all about the new iPad Pro and Air. However, there was even more important Apple and iPhone news this week!

iPad Pro 2024 unveiled: Apple’s best tablet is now even better (and thinner)

iPad Pro 2024

Apple has unveiled the iPad Pro 2024! The tablet has an OLED screen for the first time and has an even thinner design. In addition, the new Pro also has a scoop, because it is the first Apple product with an M4 chip. We will tell you everything about the new tablet and its hardware.

The iPad Pro is that good

New iPad Air announced: big, bigger, biggest

iPad Air 2024

In addition to the iPad Pro, Apple also presented an iPad Air. Or in fact, there were immediately two, because the iPad Air is now available in two sizes: 11 inches and 13 inches.

However, there are many more changes, which may even be greater than the larger size. We’ll tell you what the new features are and who the iPad Air is for.

This makes the iPad Air better than its predecessor

Apple Pencil Pro: has really useful functions and a major disadvantage

Apple Pencil Pro

The time has finally come: Apple announced the new Apple Pencil this week. The Apple Pencil Pro is the successor to the Apple Pencil 2 (or Apple Pencil second generation) and has been given a number of new functions that are really useful. We’ll tell you why it’s worth it.

This is why you want a Pencil Pro

This WhatsApp feature makes stalkers happy (and here’s how to turn it off)

WhatsApp clearer

The website WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp is getting a new function. This new feature certainly makes stalkers happy, because it allows you to see even better who has recently been online on WhatsApp.

The feature was already in a beta version for Android smartphones, but has now also surfaced in the beta for iPhones. Usually, the features from the beta eventually end up in the official release.

This is how you turn the function off

iPhone 16 gets a new MagSafe – this is going to change

Renewed MagSafe

The French website ShopSystem has acquired molds of the entire iPhone 16 series. It shows a new MagSafe charging ring. This has become a bit thinner, giving it a smaller outer diameter.

But what does that mean for compatibility with all existing chargers? We’ll catch up with you.

Does your charger remain compatible?

Eurovision Song Contest 2024: this is how you can watch for free (and these apps are indispensable)

eurovision 2024

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 11 at 9 p.m. Our Joost Klein has a good chance of winning a lot douze points to get. Do you want to follow the entire evening but you don’t have a television nearby? This way you can watch for free and these apps are indispensable.

Europapa, Europapa

iPhone storage full? Don’t delete photos, but check this first!

iphone storage full

Your iPhone’s storage is full? Annoying! The first thing that might come to mind is to start deleting photos. But often that is of little use. A photo doesn’t take up that much space and you have to delete quite a few of them to free up enough space for the next iOS update, for example. We have better advice.

This is how you free up space

iOS 17.5 RC is out – here’s when the update will come to your iPhone

iOS 17.5 beta 3

The Release Candidate (RC) of iOS 17.5 has been released, which is the last test version before the official release. After the RC is published, it usually takes less than a week before the final version is released.

So we don’t have to wait long for the final update, because there is a good chance that you will be able to install iOS 17.5 on your iPhone next week. But when exactly?

This is when iOS 17.5 will be released

HBO Max is being renewed: this is how your subscription will change

HBO Max Apple TV

HBO Max will soon change, because in the United States the streaming service will be merged with Discovery Plus. This has various consequences, for example, according to HBO Max, the offering will be significantly expanded.

With the new HBO Max you will of course continue to have access to titles from the service itself and films from Warner Bros. Many more series and competitions will be added soon.

And what does this mean for the price?

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