Facelelifted Volkswagen Tiguan caught as R

Volkswagen sends out Tiguans packed with camouflage stickers. The SUV will be facelifted shortly and today that car will appear as R in public.

Volkswagen has with the 300 hp T-Roc R a particularly powerful compact crossover on the menu, but it will not be the only high-legged one of the brand on which it sticks its R-label. Of the Tiguan, R-dressed test models have been caught several times in the past, but a real R version has unfortunately never appeared. That seems to be finally changing. Our espionage photographer has caught a packed and facelifted Tiguan, which is dressed up as R again.

The current Tiguan was presented in Frankfurt in 2016 and this year is when the four-year-old SUV is undergoing a facelift. From previously surfaced photos it was already clear that the Tiguan has a number of design elements from the new Golf. For example, the car gets headlights whose layout is strongly reminiscent of the Golf VIII. The grille now runs under the light units, even though these new elements are expertly camouflaged on this testauto.

This test specimen caught in the north of Sweden has the R-characteristic four exhaust pipes hanging under its rear, and that can only mean one thing: this is a Tiguan R. It is expected that the R version will have the same 300 hp power 2.0 TSI under the hood that distributes its power across all four wheels. The transmission will be a DSG with 7 gears. Of course, the Tiguan R benefits from things like a sportier tuned chassis, more powerful brake and an adjusted steering. Possibly Volkswagen will show more of the updated Tiguan in Geneva.

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