Father’s Day: give your father the gift of time

June 19 is Father’s Day. A kind of second birthday for many fathers. So you still have some time to find a nice present, but it is still smart to get your bearings in advance so that you are not faced with any surprises.

What dads and watches have in common is that there are many different types. Just like every father, every watch is unique in terms of look, internal mechanism and lifespan. There are many factors to consider, not only regarding the watch, but also your father and of course your budget. To make it a little easier for you, we have listed different types of watches for different types of fathers. This way you can choose a well-considered Father’s Day gift for your unique dad.

Father’s Day: give your father the gift of time

▴Orient Quartz Enterprise

Citizen Super Titanium Field Watch
▴ Citizen Super Titanium Field Watch

  1. The business dad

Some people are passionate about their career. They are part of the ‘hustle’ culture, do not shy away from tight deadlines, like to celebrate personal achievements and of course they like all the benefits that come with the job. Dad may already have a watch collection, but he would prefer to see that collection grow. We’ve listed a few watches that would feel right at home on the wrist of a businessman.

  • We kick off the start with the Orient Enterprise. This timepiece is perfect for the businessman, but that doesn’t mean he has to wear it in a business environment. The watch also fits in a (business) casual environment. This large watch is a real statement piece! What makes it so unique compared to other men’s watches from the Orient collection is the large date display. The hands of the watch are luminous, so Dad will be able to easily read the time, even in dark rooms. The icing on the cake is the water resistance up to 100 meters, which makes the Enterprise a suitable companion for holidays and outdoor company outings.
  • Next we have the Citizen Super Titanium Field watch. A quality timepiece that works on solar energy. This Swiss watch is praised for its durability and quality materials. It owes part of its charm to its minimalism. It doesn’t scream for attention, because it doesn’t need it. This watch is a nice addition to Dad’s collection.

Interested in more business watches? Take a look at our collection of Swiss watches. Are you willing to spend more? Then take a look at the luxury watches where you will find brands such as Maurice Lacroix, Meistersinger and Citizen.

Classic Style Carbon CoreLuminox Bear Grylls Survival Land watch
▴ Classic Style Carbon CoreLuminox Bear Grylls Survival Land watch

G-Shock Classic Style Carbon Core
▴ G-Shock Classic Style Carbon Core

2. The adventurous father

Good equipment is essential for the father who likes to dive into the wilderness to explore new places. A watch that is well tailored to the needs of the adventurer should not be missing during an unforgettable adventure. Consider a watch with useful functions, such as GPS or Bluetooth. The resilience of the watch is also something to take into account. After all, you don’t want to be surprised by a heavy downpour or an (unexpected) splash in the water. Watertightness and shock resistance are therefore also important properties. So what kind of watches are ideally suited as a Father’s Day gift for your adventurous dad?

  • First of all, the G-Shock Classic Style Carbon Core. As light as a feather and yet shock resistant as you would expect from a G-Shock watch. Slim and compact: that is how you can best describe this watch. In addition to extreme activities, such as tackling obstacle courses or deep diving sessions, the Classic Style also integrates seamlessly into everyday life.
  • Luminox has a fantastic reputation when it comes to accuracy and robustness. For that reason they are also used by elite troops during special missions. One of the features that makes the Luminox Land This makes reading the time a piece of cake in any situation. Furthermore, the watch weighs only 98 grams and has numerous functions. Your dad may not be Bear Grylls – and he doesn’t have to – but with this watch he is certainly one step closer to doing such antics!

Swatch x Center Pompidou
▴ Swatch x Center Pompidou

Ice Watch Ice Forever
▴ Ice Watch Ice Forever

3. The playful father

Playful watches often mean colorful. Two brands that excel in producing playful watches are Swatch and Ice-Watch. That playful element is often reflected in the patterns on the watch. A playful watch is a valuable addition to your collection, because it allows you to combine it with many outfits and colorful watches really come into their own in spring and summer! So… what are some qualities of a playful dad?

A playful father still climbs trees, is not averse to dressing up and is always eager to play games with his kid(s). He often can’t resist climbing quickly when he comes across a playground or outdoor gym and you can also catch him quickly walking into the video game store to check if there are new games. Is your father also an adult child? Then it would be nice to give him a cheerful watch as a gift! Take a look at the Swatch or Ice-Watch men’s collection.

To give you some ideas, we have highlighted 2 watches. The special edition Swatch x Center Pompidou watch inspired by the art of Piet Mondriaan.

The Ice Forever watch from Ice Watch is original, colorful and trendy. The watch is made of bioplastic – a sustainable material with which Ice Watch makes a statement: the ice caps may not disappear anytime soon!

G-Shock Classic Style Blue Paisley
▴ G-Shock Classic Style Blue Paisley

Hamilton American Classics PSR Watch
▴ Hamilton American Classics PSR Watch

Casio Vintage Edgy
▴ Casio Vintage Edgy

4. The technological father

Tech has become an indispensable part of our society. Since the dawn of the computer age, a small portion of humanity saw the impact computers would have on the way we live. Does your father like the latest gadgets? Would he rather wear a digital watch than an analog watch? Then it is a good plan to provide him with a custom watch. When people think of digital watches, many people immediately think of Casio, but there are several brands that release cool digital watches. Below are some suggestions to provide you with inspiration:

  • The first watch you see at the top on the left is the Hamilton American Classics PSR. A modern yet retro watch with a rich history. In 1970, Hamilton released this revolutionary watch. With this, she debuted the world’s first digital watch. At the premiere, guests were amazed by the fact that the watch had no hands, but a digital screen. That is why it is not surprising that many celebrities had this digital watch proudly on their wrist at the time; think of Elton John, Richard Nixon and Roger Moore. This watch is a new edition with a hybrid screen (LCD + OLED) that consumes little energy. The time also remains constantly visible; so you no longer have to press a button, as was the case with the original model.
  • The Vintage Edgy from Casio is an ode to the 80s. With the looks of a calculator, this watch actually has a retro atmosphere. In addition to telling the time, you can add, multiply, subtract and divide with this cool watch. The watch is also nice and light and the battery lasts no less than 5 years. All in all, a versatile watch that would make your geeky dad very happy!
  • The Blue Paisley G-Shock watch is a sporty digital watch that is versatile. It is ideal for everyday use, but can also be worn during sporting activities. The black-blue color combination is a real eye-catcher, but you can also replace the strap if you like to experiment with other colors. You will enjoy this cool watch for years to come!

Garmin Vivoactive collection
▴ Garmin Vivoactive collection

Lorus R2367MX9
▴Lorus R2367MX9

5. The sporty father

If your father likes to work up a sweat, a sports watch is not such a bad idea. This way he can also keep track of his progress. Whether it concerns running or Crossfit, a sports watch can make the difference for every athlete.

The Lorus R2367MX9 is an excellent entry-level model for athletes who would like to get acquainted with sports watches. This digital men’s watch is waterproof and has a stopwatch. Handy for timed workouts or HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Has your father ever owned a sports watch or is he ready for an advanced model? Then Garmin is a brand name you’ve probably heard…

Garmin is known for its high-performance sports watches. They have collections in various price ranges. Not yet ready for a big leap into the deep end? Then go for a Vivoactive model. The unisex Vivoactive collection is a good starting point. These are entry-level Garmin watches that still perform like a beast!

Ready for a next level sports watch? The Garmin Instinct collection is a step up from the Vivoactive models! These watches have an excellent price-quality ratio, partly because of the solid materials and stable software. Connect the watch to your smartphone so that you always have your results at hand. Add shock resistance, waterproofing and GPS and you have an all-round all-rounder.

More men’s watches at Techzle

In addition to these hand-picked watches, Techzle has a very extensive collection of men’s watches. You can of course select by color, brand and type of watch, but you can also extensively compare watches with each other by checking ‘compare’ next to the watches of your choice. This way you will always find a watch that suits you.

Would you prefer personal advice, or do you have a question? Our customer service employees and the people in our stores are always there for you!

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