Fiat Grande Panda: the first of the new (and electric) Panda family

Cheap electric Fiat Panda ready for debut

Fiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande PandaFiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda

Meet the brand new Fiat Grande Panda. Indeed: Grande Panda and not simply Panda! The Fiat Grande Panda will be the Fiat equivalent of the new Citroën C3 and is the first of an extensive range of Panda-inspired new models.

Stellantis kicks the accelerator and power pedal even deeper into the floor than it already did. Peugeot recently launched a new 3008 and 5008, Citroën is continuing with the C3 and C3 Aircross and Opel has launched a new Frontera and Grandland. Another selection from recent Stellantis news: Lancia has been reintroduced outside its home country of Italy and Alfa Romeo has received a brand new and electric compact crossover with the Junior. Stellantis is also not forgotten about his third Italian brand. We are of course talking about Fiat. Fiat has grown with relatively affordable compact models and hopes to continue that historic success in the future by rolling out a brand new, extensive compact model family in the coming years. This is the first of them: the Fiat Grande Panda.

One size bigger

‘Wait a second. Grand Panda?’ – we hear you think. ‘Will the Panda suddenly become so big?’. Yes and no. The third generation Fiat Panda as you have known it since 2011 is still for sale. Recently, however, the mild-hybrid Panda has been called ‘Pandina’. So panda. The Pandina is a technically refreshed version of the thirteen-year-old original and, thanks to new safety systems, it can last longer than originally thought. Possibly even until 2030. The Pandina, which is less than 3.7 meters long, will have a brand new model above it. That is this Fiat Grande Panda, but it is certainly not big. For a Panda, however, yes.

Fiat Pandina

The old Fiat Panda may remain as a Pandina until 2030, but the Grande Panda will be placed above it.

The Fiat Grande Panda is a technical sister model of the new Citroën C3 (and therefore not of the old model now called C3 Origin that is supplied next to it). Just like the new C3, the Fiat Grande Panda is on the STLA Smart platform (or Smart Global Platform). This base is suitable for models of all kinds of sizes. Just look at the new and already mentioned Opel Frontera and Citroën C3 Aircross. This new Grande Panda is clearly the Fiat equivalent of the C3. Yet it is not just a C3 to which Fiat has thrown a handful of its own logos. Although there are visual similarities between the two models, the Grande Panda has many elements of its own.

Lots of own

The Fiat Grande Panda, for example, has a much more angular design than its French cousin. The Grande Panda has different rear doors with a much sleeker window line, has completely different lines and shapes in the doors and, in addition to its own completely unique front and rear, it also has a different C-pillar. Even the hood is not interchangeable with that of the Citroën. Fiat gives the Grande Panda striking ‘pixel-like’ lighting at the front and rear, angular ones are certainly inspired by the angular light units of the original Panda. Other striking design elements: the model name is stamped into the doors – a nod to the Panda 4×4 – while we see the brand name printed in the tailgate. According to Fiat, the Grande Panda is exactly 3.99 meters long. The Citroën C3 is slightly longer than 4 meters, although we expect that the length difference is mainly caused by the bumper work.

Fiat Grande Panda

Fiat Grande Panda: angular and with hints of original Panda.

Also electric!

Where we expect greater similarities with the Citroën C3 is under the skin. The Fiat Grande Panda – which can accommodate five passengers – will probably be available with (mild-hybrid) combustion engines and electric drivetrains, just like the Citroën C3. For the time being, we aim for the same powertrains as those with which the C3 is available to also find a place in the Grande Panda. So count on the arrival of 100 hp petrol engines with and without mild-hybrid support. Perhaps more interesting is the fully electric versions that Fiat has in the pipeline. We expect a 113 hp variant with a 44 kWh battery that will cost around 25 grand and has a range of 320 kilometers to its name. Below this will be an even more affordable variant that should go about 200 kilometers without recharging. However, little is known about this yet.

There are no detailed technical specifications yet, nor are there any photos of the interior. Fiat only releases a handful of photos and a video of the car into the world. The Fiat Grande Panda will make its full debut in July. Until 2027, Fiat will expand its new model family – of which this Grande Panda is the first – with one new model every year. In February it already sketched a rough picture of what you can expect visually from these newcomers.

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