Fiat is going to build another Multipla

Fiat Multipla 6x6

This year marks 25 years since Fiat launched the Multipla, which has now become a cult car. Logically, the Italians do not want to let this joyful fact go unnoticed. Another Fiat Multipla will be made!

The Multipla is perhaps one of the most controversially designed cars ever. The extremely practical Italian, with three seats in the front and in the second row, was regarded with a raised eyebrow by many when it was introduced in 1997. This even prompted Fiat to give the Multipla a significantly less distinctive appearance a few years later. Meanwhile, the pre-facelift version in particular is getting a lot of attention from fans of the less popular model. Fiat itself also seems to be fully embracing the Multipla. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the last Fiat Multipla, the Italians are going to build one copy: the Fiat Multipla 6×6.

Fiat Multipla

Would they know that you can also be in the Multipla?

The Fiat Multipla 6×6 is drawn by none other than Robert Giolito, who also wrote the lines of the original and who is now head of Stellantis Heritage. Will the unique Multipla become a six-wheeled monster, as its name seems to indicate? No. 6×6 in this case refers to the fact that the Multipla was a six-seater. Also striking: according to Fiat, the Multipla 6×6 is inspired by the six cartoon characters that designer Giolito previously drew for the Multipla’s introductory campaign. The six cheerful guys and gals return both on the hood and on the side of the unique Multipla.

The unique Fiat Multipla is painted in the blue color dubbed Fiat Bio Turquoise, but gets white bumpers and side skirts. In the interior, the color blue is also combined with white parts. One of the six drawn figures will be visible on each of the six chairs. The car will be shown to the public for the first time on November 17 during the Milano Auto Classica show in – you wouldn’t expect it – Milan. Then the car is sold.

Fun fact that you will certainly wrap everything and everyone during a birthday or in the pub: the facelifted Fiat Multipla disappeared from the European market in 2010, but was sold in China as Zotye Multiplan until 2013.

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