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Fiat PuntoFiat PuntoFiat PuntoFiat PuntoFiat Punto

Fiat Punto

A Fiat Punto with less than 30,000 km on the counter for a reasonable price? That’s a godsend for an enthusiast! Otherwise it is always an interesting car for someone who wants cheap transport.

Normal cars that have become old without driving much, they sometimes want to be for sale for considerable amounts. This Peugeot 306 and this Volkswagen Polo recently proved that. The Fiat Punto that you see here on your screen does not participate. With a NAP-verified mileage of 28,970, the Punto also has exceptionally little experience, but does not have to cost the main prize. The asking price is €1,449. Although such a Punto can sometimes be found cheaper, you do not have to expect that one with even less on the counter will appear.

This makes it quite an interesting offer for the Fiat (Punto) enthusiast, because find something like this again. It is also an ELX, which means that it is quite a well-equipped Punto. Check out those fog lights in the front bumper and power windows. What a luxury! The Punto does have the 75 hp 1.2 in its nose, so it is not the best-endowed Punto you could get in terms of power. But hey, the block gives enough punch to the Punto and it’s an engine that hasn’t had to work too hard. Certainly not with so few kilometers behind it.

Fiat Punto

A look at the history of the car shows that the first owner owned the Fiat Punto for no less than 24 years. The NAP report shows that the odometer reading rose very slowly during that time. There is of course a chance that the Punto has almost only made very short trips and that is not necessarily conducive to technology. In any case, the car has seen a little more of the public road in recent years, because the previous owner has driven about 7,000 km in the 2.5 years that the Punto was in his / her possession. That is roughly a quarter of all kilometers ever driven. That may also offer hope for the condition of the engine hoses and the like, because they tend to deteriorate after a long standstill.

Despite its low mileage, the Punto is not necessarily the freshest we’ve ever seen based on the photos. Especially the dent in the right door is a pity, but it can probably be removed without too much effort. Throw some love into it and you may have a very nice Punto in front of the door for not a lot of money. If you are not an enthusiast, it is always an interesting beginner’s car!


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