Finally: Apple fixes crash detection issues in iOS 16.4

Apple’s crash detection and SOS emergency notification have been causing quite a bit of trouble lately. In iOS 16.4, these problems should (finally) be resolved.

Crash detection and SOS emergency notification introduced

Apple’s crash detection is a brand new feature for the iPhone 14 (Plus), iPhone 14 Pro (Max), Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2022 and Apple Watch Ultra. With this, your Apple device automatically calls the local emergency number after a car accident and the smartphone or smartwatch also immediately provides your location.

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The iPhone 14 (Pro) uses the data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone and GPS to find out if you have indeed crashed into something. The past few months have shown that this does not always go well, because a relatively large number of reports have been made of crash detection that went off incorrectly.

crash detection

Crash detection issues

The new crash detection and SOS emergency notification functions have therefore caused quite a few problems for Apple in recent months. The first crash detection issues on the iPhone 14 were reported by US theme park visitors. During rides of various roller coasters, crash detection was activated, including calling local emergency services.

The same problem occurs with skiing and snowboarding: here too, several reports have been received of crash detection that went off incorrectly. Many skiers and snowboarders do not realize that the SOS emergency message is being sent, so that emergency services are called unnecessarily. In iOS 16.4, these problems should finally be solved.

Apple is optimizing crash detection again

Apple has announced that crash detection will be optimized again in iOS 16.4. Crash detection has also been improved in iOS 16.1.2 and iOS 16.3.1. The problems were not fully resolved at the time, so Apple is now forced to re-optimize crash detection.

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Apple has not disclosed exactly how the problems with crash detection are solved. It is possible that the response time you have before an SOS emergency notification is sent will take longer. Now you only have 20 seconds to cancel the emergency report, so you will soon be too late and the emergency services will still be called.

Crash detection issues

Crash detection new feature iPhone 14 series

So Apple is working hard to fix the crash detection issues. The feature is also expected to be launched in the Netherlands soon. Does crash detection seem like a useful feature to you? Only the iPhone 14 (Plus) and the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) have the new feature. Check the best prices of these phones in our price comparison:

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