Finding a hobby: 6 ideas that make sense

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Do you want to find a new hobby that you not only enjoy, but that also makes sense? We’ll give you tips on how to enrich your free time.

That means “hobby”

The term “hobby” comes from English and means, among other things, “Hobby horse“. Not only children can have hobby horses to play with. Adults, too, figuratively have hobbyhorses when they are busy in their spare time voluntarily and out of interest pursue.

  • There are hobbies that you can do in a group or alone.
  • The best way to find a hobby is to think about what you enjoy.
  • The fact is: every hobby helps you to expand your skills in one area – regardless of whether it makes you sportier, more musical, more creative or more patient.

We are now introducing you to six ideas that will inspire you to find a new hobby.

Find a hobby – tip 1: learn beekeeping

Do you want to find a hobby?  Maybe beekeeping would be something for you.
Do you want to find a hobby? Maybe beekeeping would be something for you.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Lichtsammler)

Do you have space in the garden or on the balcony and would you like to do something about the death of bees? And are you interested in looking after a bee colony throughout the year? Then beekeeping could be your new hobby.

How easy it is to be a beekeeper, where you can get the knowledge, a bee colony and the equipment, can be found in our article “Beekeepers learn for beginners“.

That’s why it’s worth it:

  • You help him Bee deaths to counteract. Bees pollinate around a third of our food plants and are therefore very important to us.
  • Your bee colony provides you with their own honey.
  • Basically, this hobby takes about 15 hours effort Include per bee colony and year (plus a one-time beekeeping course for beginners).

Find a hobby – tip 2: create your own herb garden

On a balcony or in the garden you can not only keep beekeeping, but also your own Balcony garden create and some Planting herbs.

That’s why it’s worth it:

  • With your own Herb garden you have fresh organic herbs straight from your own garden all year round, which you can use for seasoning or tea.
  • You no longer have to buy herbs: it saves money and is sustainable.
  • You will learn a lot about botany.

Find a hobby – tip 3: learn to take photos

Build on existing interests to find a hobby.
Build on existing interests to find a hobby.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / pixel2013)

Do you already have tons of photos on your smartphone because you enjoy taking photos? Then you could find a new hobby in photography. Get a (used) SLR or system camera so you can shoot high-resolution photos with the perfect setting. You can also borrow one from your friends so that you can try out the hobby first.

In a course, for example at your local community college or with a manual, you can learn to take professional photos.

That’s why it’s worth it:

  • You will learn some professional tricks that you can use to enhance your future photos.
  • The hobby is worthwhile on every trip to capture your snapshots forever.
  • Your photos are ideal as personal gift ideas for Christmas or a birthday in your family.

    Find a hobby – Tip 4: Learn to understand astronomy

    You can also find a hobby in nature and without much effort.
    You can also find a hobby in nature and without much effort.
    (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Free-Photos)

    If you are fascinated by star gazing at night, you might want to try astronomy. In this way you learn to interpret constellations and understand the planetary orbits. If you live in the city, you may get through Light pollution can’t see enough A little further out this is usually no longer a problem.

    That’s why it’s worth it:

    • You can pass on your knowledge and explain the starry sky to your friends on a night walk.
    • You will get to know the planetary orbit, the seasons of the earth and the moon better.
    • You can practice this hobby alone or with others and, in addition to a clear starry sky and a telescope, you only need knowledge that you can get from the Internet or from specialist literature.

    We have these tips for you:

    • Buy yourself a telescope. You can already find entry-level telescopes for 60 euros, but it is more sustainable (and usually cheaper) to buy a used one.
    • For example, download the app Star Walk down.
    • Buy a book like “Astronomy for Beginners: Step by Step to Successful Sky Observation”. You can find it at ** Amazon.

    Find a hobby – 5th tip: learn a new language

    Learning a new language will help you understand other cultures better.
    Learning a new language will help you understand other cultures better.
    (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / skaramelka)

    Regardless of whether you have already learned several languages ​​or if you hardly think you are linguistically gifted, learning a new language is always a good idea. If you have the perseverance and time to do it, you can even speak it fluently after a few years.

    In advance: Maybe learning a language is deterring you. As the Goethe Institute reported, adults can learn a new language without any problems. Because compared to children, “late learners” more experience and learning strategiesto learn a new language. You can use cognitive methods so that you can learn a language: express yourself in the foreign language, write it down and visualize it.

    That’s why it’s worth it:

    • If you are learning a new language, it will help you on your next vacation, work and travel or Wwoofing in the country where the language is spoken.
    • You can also use a new language to communicate with even more people on earth. Cultural aspects are also evident in the grammar and use of a language. This way you sensitize yours Intercultural Competence.
    • For your mental fitness, it is worth learning a language: If you speak more than one language fluently, you not only train your memory, but can even suffer diseases such as dementia delay.
    • In addition, a different language shows our personality in a different facet time. Through this hobby we can do ours Develop your personality.

    Find a hobby – Tip 6: Support other people

    You can also find a hobby in the social field.
    You can also find a hobby in the social field.
    (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / sabinevanerp)

    Do you enjoy being around people and are you interested in them? Maybe you can unsalaried in a social project (for example the blackboard, in a home for refugees or with the volunteer fire brigade). In the organization Balu and you you sponsor a child in elementary school who is socially disadvantaged. It is represented in many German cities.

    That’s why it’s worth it:

    • By being there for people and giving them your attention, you are helping to make the world a little bit better.
    • A social engagement can make you more balanced and happier, as you can also gain a lot of energy for yourself.
    • You get to know yourself better in a social engagement and you acquire soft skills that can help you advance in many other areas.


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