Fines considerably more young people without a driving license

More and more young people between the ages of twelve and seventeen are caught by the police driving without a driving license. This concerns both teenagers who drive a car or scooter unauthorized.

Remarkably more often, a young person without a driver’s license is found behind the wheel of a car or on a scooter. Last year, more than five thousand young people were fined for this, almost 30 percent more than in 2019. That reports One today based on figures from the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The increase is striking, because the total number of traffic fines decreased in 2020.

The increase is clearly noticeable at Stichting Halt, which carries out punishments against minors for violations and crimes. “It is almost normal behavior,” says Rosanne Som de Cerff of Stichting Halt. According to her, there seems to be a connection with the pandemic and also with the dire situation at the CBR: “The boredom among young people is even greater and the waiting times for driving lessons and exams are much longer.”

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