Ford Bronco Sport shows true face

The Ford Bronco Sport is eager to be openly exposed, but Ford is not quite ready yet. The new Bronco’s little brother has been spotted in a slightly camouflaged state in Michigan.

The all-new Ford Bronco and its smaller brother Bronco Sport are scheduled to be presented to the general public this spring. Undoubtedly, the crisis throws a spanner in the works and that is why it is now somewhat uncertain when Ford actually shows the two SUVs. It does not matter very much, because both the Bronco and the Bronco Sport have already fully appeared. However, that does not stop Ford from sticking some camouflage material on a test copy of the Bronco Sport. However, it is the first time that Ford has left the ‘small’ Bronco itself largely uncovered.

As the sneaky photos of the Bronco Sport already showed, the car gets a slightly retro sauce, but the Sport is also a lot more contemporary than the larger Bronco. Of the two newcomers, the Bronco Sport is the one that should appeal to the widest possible audience, probably also outside the US. In the interior of the SUV, which has also been fully photographed, it is clearly visible that Ford has therefore looked closely at its European branch. A European market debut for the Bronco Sport can therefore absolutely not be ruled out, although nothing is formally known about it. We are waiting for it, but it cannot be long now.

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