Fossil Hybrid HR smartwatches, the best of both worlds

Many people want a smartwatch, but don’t like a large watch with a multicolored screen. Then a hybrid smartwatch from Fossil is the ideal solution. Because at first glance these are ordinary watches with real hands, in which many smart functions are hidden. This is now even more true with the latest generation of hybrid watches from Fossil: the Hybrid HR. The best of both worlds in one beautiful watch.

You get more out of the new generation of Fossil hybrid HR

This new generation of hybrid smartwatches has regular hands so you can read the time anytime, anywhere. When it’s dark, you have lighting for better visibility with one tap on the watch. Obviously, because that’s what a watch should do.

But this watch offers so much more!

Where in the past a hybrid smartwatch was not much more than a normal watch with a pedometer that you could synchronize with your smartphone, Fossil has taken a revolutionary new step. In addition to the addition of a heart rate monitor, you now use a handy e-ink screen as a watch face to stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Fossil Hybrid HR's photo
▴ Always connected

Fossil Hybrid HR's photo
▴ Real hands

In combination with the updated Fossil app on your smartphone, you can set the smart functions completely to your liking and you can save and analyze the results of measurements. The new heart rate monitor guarantees accurate results for both the intensive athlete and someone who just wants to move a little more.

Longer service life due to E-ink display

You may know E-ink from your e-book. A screen in two colors that reads very quietly and – also important – consumes very little energy. The usage time of this watch is therefore up to two weeks on one charge! Charging is quick and easy with the included magnetic charging cable, and no longer with batteries as with the previous generation of hybrid watches.

With this new display you can also adjust the style of the background, and choose which of the 10 different function elements you want to see or hide.

Photo Fossil hybrid hr dial
▴ Customizable e-ink watch face

Photo Fossil hybrid hr dial
▴ Easy to read in sunlight

Easy to operate with push buttons

You can operate the smart functions with the push buttons on the side of the watch. You can even set your favorites.

Charter, Collider and Latitude: choose your own style

The new hybrid smartwatches have the same casual sporty look with a touch of retro that is so characteristic of Fossil watches. The design is very clever, because at first glance you don’t even see that it is a smartwatch.

There is a choice of different styles. From the minimal chic of Charter for women, the classic Collider to the rugged sporty look of the Latitude. The size of these watches is more modest than most smartwatches: only 42 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick. And if you want to personalize the style of your watch even further, with the Easy Click system you can change the watch strap in a few seconds.

Fossil Hybrid HR Charter
▴ Charter

Fossil Hybrid HR Latitude

Fossil Hybrid HR Collider
▴ Collider

What else can these watches do?

We can’t tell you everything the new generation of Fossil hybrids have to offer here. Here are a few key features:

  • Personalize the notifications you want to receive or set a (vibration) alarm.
  • Set your personal training goals and measure your activity with the pedometer, sleep monitor and heart rate monitor.
  • Remotely control your favorite music app and camera on your smartphone with your watch.

In short, a very versatile hybrid smartwatch that also looks very trendy!

Fossil Hybrid HR's photo

Fossil Hybrid HR's photo

Fossil hybrid HR smartwatches at Techzle

At Techzle you will always find the latest collections of Fossil smartwatches. Hybrid and touchscreen. Also curious about Fossil Touchscreen smartwatches? Then read our article about the latest generation.


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