Future ideas for sustainable resources

The energy sector in Germany has changed significantly since the last three nuclear power plants were shut down a year ago… more

A survey shows that there is enough free space available in Germany to build the politically desired number of solar panels. Where could the systems be placed?… more

Atom by atom, researchers assemble small, simplified images of materials that are difficult or impossible to examine in the laboratory – or that do not even exist in nature. These so-called quantum simulators can be used to imitate complex systems such as solids in order to understand them better or for certain… more

The view of Earth from space changes. How astronauts experienced this special moment… more

Photovoltaics is becoming mobile. The first vehicle that can be operated entirely with solar energy will come onto the market in the summer… more

Solar-powered racing cars compete against each other in international competitions. Desert roads become test routes for new solar technologies… more

Solar energy is a great thing – if it weren’t for the annoying clouds. And the nights. So how would it be if the solar panels were not installed on Earth, but in sunny space and the energy was sent from there to Earth?… more

The energy transition is progressing. More and more people are interested in renewable energies in their own four walls. Solar systems are very popular. In the last two years alone, thousands of photovoltaic systems have been installed on private roofs or properties. But what to do if the solar system simply… more

The term hydropower sounds very “green”, but this technology also has its dark side. Hydroelectric power plants and dams prevent migratory fish from reproducing and rivers from cleaning themselves. There is also a problem in the dams… more

Solar power is becoming increasingly cheaper. This stimulates photovoltaics. New technologies and materials are also making the sun’s light an increasingly important source of energy…. more

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