Garden ideas: 5 handy tips to make your garden smart

Do you want to spend more time in your garden this summer, but from your lazy garden chair? With these 5 handy tips to make your garden smarter, you will have more time to enjoy the sun.

Prepare your garden for summer with these 5 smart garden tips

Of course you already save a lot of time in your home through all your smart devices, but have you also thought about your garden? You can also save time here, so that you can enjoy your garden in a fun way next summer instead of maintaining it. For example, you no longer have to look at the grass, because it is mowed for you.

Another plus: a smart garden is also economical and sustainable! For example, intelligent water systems use exactly the amount of water your plants need and all products work on electricity. Something to keep in mind: you do need a stable WiFi and/or Bluetooth connection in your garden for most devices. We give you five ideas to make your garden smarter.

1. Smart outdoor lighting

After your busy day at work, you can relax in your comfortable garden chair. You’re just sitting comfortably, it starts to get dark. Fortunately, the smart outdoor lighting knows exactly when it’s time to switch on. If you need more light sooner, you can let us know via voice commands. At least you don’t have to leave that chair anymore.

Is stumbling over that one edge or not being able to find the keyhole recognizable after an evening of drinks with friends in the dark? Thanks to sensors, the lamps know that you are there and shine for you for a moment. So you lie in bed faster and without bruises at the end of the evening.

In the app, you can also set the smart lighting exactly as you want it. This way, the light matches your garden and evening plans. Are you going for atmospheric warm light for a pleasant evening in the garden or festive colored light?

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2. Smart watering systems

To keep your garden – both the plants and the grass – beautiful and healthy, enough water is essential. During the much too dry last summer, did you regularly use a garden hose to save your plants? Fortunately, that can be done a lot easier from this summer with this idea to make your garden smarter.

With these smart sprinklers you let the system water your plants automatically. Forgot to arm the system? Wherever you are in the world, you can easily switch on the sprinklers in the app. Are you enjoying the garden yourself? Then you can set the sprinklers to postpone watering in the app and you and your garden will stay dry. Very nice.

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3. Robotic mowers

Enjoying your garden is even better if it also looks good, for example by regularly mowing the grass. However, that is not everyone’s favorite job and is sometimes postponed. A smart idea for your garden is therefore a robot lawn mower. He will gladly take over the task from you.

Installing the robotic lawnmower is easy and is done by marking the mowing area with boundary wire. The mower then emerges from its dedicated garage when it’s time to cut the grass again. When that is, it often knows itself via a sensor or you set it via an app.

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4. Gardena smart sensor

Keeping your plants alive is sometimes quite a job. Giving the right amount of water, for example, or fertilizing at the right time is difficult to estimate. The Gardena smart sensor measures the moisture content of the soil and – if water is needed – immediately sends a signal to your Gardena smart irrigation systems.

You stick it in the ground, connect it to the accompanying app and the Gardena smart sensor is ready for use. All kinds of useful information to keep your garden healthy flows into your smartphone. The Gardena smart sensor is available from € 63.07 via Proshop, among others.

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5. Smart outdoor cameras

While you spend the summer at your holiday address, a lot can happen at home. Keeping an eye on things – wherever you are in the world – gives you peace of mind. A smart outdoor camera is then a good idea for your garden. You are no longer an easy target, because you have burglars in sharp focus.

As soon as movement is detected via the motion sensor, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You then check the camera images for intruders via the app. There are also smart outdoor cameras that automatically activate a floodlight and siren to keep out uninvited guests.

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Extra garden idea: a smart BBQ

Now that you’ve installed all these time-saving smart devices in your garden, it’s time to fire up the barbecue. Fortunately, this can also be done smarter, so that you have time to enjoy a nice meal with your guests. Via an app you can remotely monitor how long it will take before the piece of meat can be served on your plate. When your meal has reached the correct temperature, you will receive a notification. Enjoy your meal!

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