Genesis G80 presented

Genesis has drawn the digital screen of the all-new G80, a sedan that comes from the Hyundai Genesis that you could also put on the door in the Netherlands at the special request of the Dutch Hyundai importer.

Before Genesis was released from Hyundai and became a stand-alone brand, Hyundai applied that name to the Genesis Coupé and the Genesis, among other things. The latter was a hefty premium sedan that you must see as a competitor of cars such as the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-class. The Genesis has since been renamed G80 and it is that sedan that is now entering a new generation.

The carriage of the new G80 is completely ‘Genesis 2020’ and in this case it means that design elements from 7-series and S-class competitor G90 (formerly Equus) and from the brand new GV80 have been incorporated. In this case, this means that the G80 has a large, almost shield-shaped grille that ends in a sharp point downwards. The lighting on both front and rear is made up of horizontal lines, a line that is continued in the side markers on the front screens. It is striking that the G80, in particular a profile and slider seen from the rear, looks much slicker than the somewhat pompous G90. The interior finished with wood and leather looks identical to that of his SUV brother, the aforementioned GV80. Here too a large digital display on top of the dashboard, a modern component that contrasts with the interior, which has been drawn in the classical style.

Genesis keeps technical specifications secret for a while, but if the engine list of the GV80 is indicative of that of this G80, then this new sedan will also be available with a 2.5-liter blown four-cylinder and with a 3.5-liter V6 , also a four-cylinder with turbo. In that case, the Korean consumer will in time also be able to order a 3.0-liter six-in-line diesel.

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