Get more from the SALE; These are the great opportunities!

A new year means new watches. And while we wait for the new collections for spring and summer 2022, we of course have to make room. The cabinets need to be emptied, so we have discounted a lot of watches. But how do you find the best deal? These are our tips:

G-Shock Specials

G-Shock is the most popular brand among our customers and we understand why. Trendy, virtually indestructible and reasonably priced. G-Shock watches always sell like hot cakes and so there are only a few left for SALE. But this year we still have 3 very special models on offer!

The GM-110NE-1AER special was developed in collaboration with New Era, the brand for baseball caps from the United States. The strap is made of the same material as the caps and the watch comes in a special box with extra strap.



With the analog-digital GA-900E-1A3ER you can go in any direction: stealth mode black or strikingly reflective when you go running in the dark. Because in this special set you will find a watch with 2 straps that you can easily change.



And last but not least, we have the GST-B300S-1AER with a steel case that not only looks modern and sleek, but is also smart thanks to the Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. This allows you to access your watch’s smart features while looking stylish.



Timeless minimalism from Skagen

Is G-Shock a bit too pronounced for your taste? Then a minimalist watch from Skagen might be the better choice.

The Horizont SKW2947 chronograph has a pleasant retro vibe due to the domed glass and an easily adjustable trendy mesh strap. Holst SKW6607 is much more modern with a chic look due to the subtle gold details and the brown leather strap.



Or take a look at the watches from the Naturals line from last year; produced with sustainable materials and equipped with a solar movement. Affordable, and you contribute to the preservation of our planet! You can recognize the Naturals watches by the leaf symbol.



Orient watches; one of Japan’s Big Four

Orient, together with Casio, Seiko and Citizen, is one of the ‘Big Four’ Japanese watch manufacturers. The brand is best known for its excellent Mako diving watches, but also makes very beautiful, classic women’s and men’s watches. For example the FUNC9001W0 Classic. A solid men’s watch with a steel link strap and neutral white dial that suits any clothing style.



The FUAAN002W0 and FUAAN005B0 Dressy Elegant women’s watches have a rectangular case with sloping corners that give the watch a playful look. Crystal hour markers add a subtle chic touch to these beautiful ladies.



But there are also the cool Enterprise watches! The FTV00007B0, FTV00002W0 and FTV00004B0 have a sturdy 45 mm size, strikingly colored hands and a large date window. Moreover, these watches are 10 ATM waterproof, so ideal for swimming.




Swiss watches for a very competitive price: Charmex of Switzerland

Charmex of Switzerland is a small, independent Swiss watch manufacturer that strives to create watches that have a traditional and handmade appearance in these times of mass production. We have managed to acquire a beautiful collection of these Swiss quality watches that we can offer at absolute rock bottom prices. Be quick, because it’s really gone.




One last tip: ‘Second Chance’ watches

In addition to the regular SALE, you will also find a collection of ‘Second Chance Watches’ on our site. These are watches that have been returned and therefore have minor damage to the packaging or the product, or watches that have not passed our quality control due to a minor defect. It is of course a shame to throw away these perfectly working watches, which is why we offer these products with high discounts.

So are you looking for a new watch for a small price? Then take a look at the Second Chances.

Almost 1000 watches on SALE at Techzle




At the time of publication of this article, we still have ample stock of all the watches mentioned. But sometimes things go fast! So the watch of your choice may be gone. But do not be sad; With almost 1000 discounted watches, we have many more beautiful watches to choose from. Moreover, we continue to add interesting offers to the Techzle outlet all year round!

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