Getting notifications will be different in iOS 18 (and that’s good news)

It is clear that iOS 18 will be a very big update, with even receiving notifications being different. This is how you get notifications in iOS 18!

New features in iOS 18

The time has come in June, when Apple will announce iOS 18. Rumor has it this will be the biggest iPhone update in years, maybe even ever. Apple is expected to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence with iOS 18. While companies like OpenAI have grown enormously in the past year, Apple is now (far) behind when we look at the AI ​​functions in iOS or iPadOS.

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This should change with iOS 18, which means that it is expected that almost all Apple apps will have support for AI. For example, you will soon be able to automatically create playlists in Apple Music, answers will be created for you in Messages and you will be able to edit photos much more easily in the Photos app. According to new rumors, receiving notifications in iOS 18 will also be different. You need to know this.

iOS 18 support

iOS 18: Summarize notifications

According to the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman, Apple will use AI to make the notification center clearer. While you now see a whole list of notifications, in iOS 18 these notifications are summarized by artificial intelligence. It is still unclear exactly what that will look like. AI may automatically divide the notifications into categories so that you can view them faster and more clearly.

In addition to automatically listing notifications, iOS 18 should make it easier to add activities to the Calendar app. This may happen automatically in the new update by using AI. Gurman also confirms that the Photos app will have AI support. Editing photos becomes much easier, but according to him it cannot be compared to professional programs such as Adobe.

iOS 17.2 notification

Announcements at WWDC

Receiving notifications will therefore change in iOS 18. We will soon know which features Apple will definitely bring to the iPhone, because the company will announce the update at the annual WWDC. This year’s event will take place from June 10 to 14. On the first day (Monday, June 10), Apple presents the most important updates. Then we will hear all about iOS 18, iPadOS 18, watchOS 11 and macOS 15.

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Expectations are high, especially for iOS 18. Apple is reportedly working on a new interface for iOS, which will see a different design for the first time in years. We will undoubtedly also see this new interface in the overview of the notifications you receive in iOS 18. Would you like to know more about iOS 18 now? Then read all about the biggest iPhone update ever here!

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