‘Google search bar on home screen gets much smarter in Android 13’

'Google search bar on home screen gets much smarter in Android 13'

Google is working on an improved version of its search bar in the Pixel Launcher. In Android 13, the search bar also shows search suggestions, widgets, and screenshots you’ve taken in Google Photos. It’s not clear if this will be a Pixel-exclusive feature or one that’s targeting all phones.

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In the Pixel Launcher on Google’s Pixel phones, the search bar has traditionally taken an important place at the bottom of the home screen. That search bar will soon become smarter with the arrival of Android 13, that has Mishal Rahman from the news blog Esper discovered in the developer preview code.

Soon the search bar will also show relevant search suggestions in real-time as you type, just like it works in the browser. In addition, the results also show screenshots from Google Photos, so that you can quickly find important information such as documents or invoices. Finally, widgets also appear in the search results and you can add them to the home screen right away.

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Exclusive to Pixels?

The improvements to Google’s search bar have been in development for some time, but they are not yet live in the latest developer preview of Android 13. Google may activate them in future updates of its new Android version, such as in the upcoming beta versions starting next year. month are expected.

An important question remains who will benefit from the improved search bar. At the moment, the feature seems to be only part of the Pixel Launcher, but Google may also roll out the improvements to its search widget that is available on all Android phones.

More news about Android 13

In a relatively short time, a lot of news about Android 13 has been leaked. Remarkably, Google optimizes the Android interface for desktop while making screensavers look better at the same time. Android 13 also warns less aggressively about apps consuming power in the background. All these novelties have been discovered since the release of the second developer preview.

Do you use the Google search bar on your Pixel or via the widget on another phone? And what do you think of the novelties in Android 13? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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