Google’s productivity apps now work well on the iPhone X and with iOS 11

With the iPhone X update from Google Docs, the app looks a lot better. It is now also possible to use a handy iOS 11 function. The same goes for Google Slides and Sheets.

Google Docs iPhone X update

More and more apps are using the screen of the iPhone X. App makers are doing their best to roll out these updates as soon as possible. For example Google. Today it is the turn of the company’s various productivity apps. Hopefully Google Maps, Inbox and Gmail will follow soon too.

While Google productivity apps aren’t the most exciting of programs, they are widely used. They are ideal for working with in the cloud. These apps are also useful to work with. Especially if you are working on something with people who do not have an iPhone and therefore no Apple software. These are Google Docs, Slides and Sheets, all of which receive their own update.

google documents iphone x

With these updates, the apps not only look better on the screen of the iPhone X. It is now also possible to use the iOS 11 drag & drop function on an iPad. This allows you to drag a text or image from one app to another. For example if you want to put an image from Safari in a Google Slides, or if you want to drag a text to Documents.

The three updates are now available in the App Store. The links to the Google apps can be found below.

This is how you use drag & drop on the iPad with iOS 11

Drag & drop was introduced by Apple to become more productive when working on an iPad. If you want to learn more about this function, we will explain exactly how it works. For example, did you know that the function can also be used on an iPhone in a limited form?

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