Great: This Apple feature will probably stay free forever

According to rumors, a cool Apple feature will probably remain free forever. We will tell you which function that is here!

This Apple feature will likely remain free

The function in question is SOS emergency notification. It is a fairly recent feature from Apple that has also been available for free in the Netherlands since the iPhone 14 (and iOS 16.4). The feature is free for the first two years and these two years start when you activate your new iPhone.

sos emergency notification

What would happen next with the free feature was not yet certain, but Apple recently gave iPhone 14 owners an extra year. As it stands now, iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 owners can continue to use this feature for free until September 2025.

After that, Apple can start charging money for the service. But according to John Gruber (a tech blogger and known for The Talk Show podcast), Apple does not think that is the intention.

According to him, Apple always planned to make the feature free, but they didn’t want to say so right away. Because once Apple makes the feature free, there’s no going back. That’s why he thinks Apple first wanted to know how much this feature would cost them per year. And then later make the function free.

It remains to be seen what Apple actually decides. But it looks like SOS emergency notification remains available to everyone for free. Only then you must have an iPhone that has the function.

SOS emergency notification in short

If you ever have an accident (or see one happen), it can be quite annoying when your iPhone has no signal. With the free Apple SOS emergency notification via satellite function, you can still activate emergency services via a special type of text message. We hope you never really need the feature, but it’s good to know it’s there.

Learn more: SOS emergency notification via satellite now also in the Netherlands

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