Groupe Renault annual sales: 21.3 percent in the min

Groupe Renault has released its sales figures for 2020. This shows of course that the group has been hit hard by the international consequences of the corona pandemic, although the blows that Groupe Renault has to take are very strong.

Groupe Renault sold 2,949,849 new cars worldwide last year. Still a huge number, although the group saw its sales shrink by no less than 21.3 percent compared to 2019. This means that Groupe Renault has had a harder time than the international car market as a whole, which according to the company was 14.2 percent smaller last year than in 2019. According to Groupe Renault, this is partly due to its large presence in countries where the car sales in the second and fourth quarters of 2020 were completely down, including in the home market France.


Renault itself saw its sales decrease by 24.1 percent last year compared to 2019 to 1,787,121 units. This concerns both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Dacia was hit even harder and last year recorded a sales decrease of 29.2 percent compared to 2019. The brand sold a total of 520,765 passenger cars and vans. Renault Samsung, active in South Korea, saw its sales increase by 14.2 percent, driven by the XM3, and the Russian parent company of Lada (Avtovaz), part of Groupe Renault, also saw its sales increase last year. However, Lada herself recorded a 7 percent drop in sales. The brand sold 383,983 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Alpine already had a year in 2020 that it would rather not look back on. The sports car manufacturer saw its sales decline by more than 68 percent in 2020 to 1,526 copies.


Groupe Renault sold 1,443,917 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Europe last year, 25.8 percent less than in 2019.535,591 of these were sold in France (-23.3 percent). The Clio was sold 227,079 times in Europe last year.

In Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, sales fell by 23.3 percent last year to 346,207 units. Last year sales in China were also significantly lower than last year (-13.3 percent), at 155,728 units.

Groupe Renault nevertheless manages to find a positive news fact. In Europe it sold 115,888 electric cars last year, no less than 101.4 percent more than in 2019. The Renault Zoe has turned out to be the absolute electric star with 100,657 units sold (+114 percent). Groupe Renault also reports that it has sold more than 30,000 hybrids and plug-in hybrids in Europe.

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