Groupie in Tikkie: share the costs with your friends (by group payments)

Tikkie has recently introduced a new feature called Groupie that allows you to easily share the cost of a trip with your friends. iPhoned show how it works.

Groupie with Tikkie: share the costs with group payments

Do you ever go on holiday with your friends? Or do you live in a student house? And are you looking for an easy way to keep track of and distribute all costs incurred? Then Tikkie has the solution for you with Groepie.

Groupie in Tikkie: share the costs with your friends (by group payments)

With Groepie you can track group expenses and then settle them, nice and easy from your iPhone or iPad. You will always see exactly who has paid what. And you can easily divide the costs with this. You create a Groupie in Tikkie in the following way.

Create a group in the Tikkie app

  1. Start the Tikkie app, tap the plus sign and choose ‘Groupie’ at the top;

  2. Give the group a name and tap ‘Next’;

  3. Tap on the figure at the top right and invite your friends;

  4. Then add your expenses with ‘Add expense’;

  5. Divide the cost among your Groupie members and tap ‘Save’.

Group in Tikkie

What is Tikkie

Tikkie is an app to easily request money back from your friends, family and anyone you get money from. The app is owned by ABN AMRO and now has millions of users.

With Tikkie you create a payment link that you share with others, for example via WhatsApp. Anyone who opens the link can then transfer the amount via iDeal with the push of a button. It is also possible to let your friends choose an amount to pay back.

Groupie in Tikkie: similar to popular function of WieBetaaltWat

With the new Groupie function, Tikkie is very similar to the WieBetaaltWat app, with which you have been able to share costs via an app for some time. The difference is that you don’t have to create an account with Groepie.

Don’t like Tikkie, but still want an app to easily share and keep track of costs? Then the WieBetaaltWat app can be downloaded below.

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