Handy: iOS 17 explains the washing advice (and symbols) for clothes

There are more and more cool features on your iPhone. Soon you will be able to decipher the symbols and washing advice on the labels of clothing in iOS 17!

Recognize washing advice and symbols with your iPhone

When you want to do laundry, it sometimes takes a while to figure out how to wash new clothes. Especially when there is a whole list of washing advice and symbols on the label, you quickly start to doubt. But not for long, because soon you will be able to use your iPhone in iOS 17 to decipher these washing advice and symbols.

ios 17 washing advice iphone

Visual Lookup in iOS 17

To decipher the washing advice and symbols on the labels in iOS 17, your iPhone uses the function visual lookup. This feature has been around for a while on the iPhone, but gets new features regularly.

With Visual Lookup and your iPhone’s camera, your device can recognize what’s in a photo (only on iPhone XS and later). For example, have you photographed a beautiful plant in the garden? Then Visual Lookup can tell you which plant this is.

visual lookup iPhone

Unfortunately, the function was never officially released in the Netherlands or Belgium. So in this region the function cannot be used. It is not yet certain whether Apple will make the function available for the Netherlands in iOS 17. But don’t worry: there is a possibility to use the function anyway. In the article below we explain exactly how to do that!

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Install iOS 17 now

That means that you will have to wait for the release of iOS 17 to recognize washing advice and labels. You can also install the beta if you want to start with iOS 17 now, and that is very easy. Below you can read how.

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