Home app no ​​longer works after update: Apple withdraws update

After a storm of criticism, Apple has taken the update for the Home app offline again. Read everything you need to know about the new update here.

This changes with the Home Update

Apple has released a new update and has taken it offline again for the Home app. The app was given a new architecture, with which the reliability and performance of the app had to be greatly improved.

Apple did not provide further information about the content of the update. In any case, it was expected that not only would the app work better after the update, but that the HomeKit devices would also function better. However, this turned out not to be the case, because after a storm of criticism, Apple decided to take the update offline. What is going on?

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Home app update: this is all wrong

After the release of the update for the Home app, it quickly became clear that the update caused a number of problems. For many users, the smart home devices crash after performing the update, making them unusable. And the biggest problem: once updated you can’t go back.

After a storm of criticism that Apple received after rolling out the update, the company decided to intervene. The problem is still too big to fix quickly at this point, so Apple has taken the update completely offline. This means that you can no longer download the update, but the update will remain on your phone if it has already been installed.

How could the Home app update go so wrong?

It’s not often that Apple releases an update that causes so many technical problems. This update is not compatible with HomeKit devices that do not have the latest software. So have you installed the update, but not all your devices are running on the latest software? Then you can (temporarily) no longer operate that device.

So this is exactly where it went wrong: not all smart home devices have been updated for the new version yet. It is of course annoying when you are at home and your smart devices no longer work with the Home app, so it is hoped that Apple will come up with a solution soon.

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