Home remedies for corona: Virologist explains whether onions, inhalations, etc. help

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What can you do about the corona virus – apart from staying at home? Are home remedies useful for the disease? Virologist Alexander Kekulé explains in a podcast whether traditional remedies work.

The Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk (MDR) has been publishing a podcast with Professor Alexander Kekulé, a doctor and virologist from Halle, since last week. The programs are always about the corona virus. For the episode From Saturday, listeners were able to send in questions on the topic.

A particularly interesting question from the podcast: How useful are home remedies such as onions, garlic, sauna or inhalations for the virus? Kekulé’s answer is surprising: “Basically, you can say that all home remedies are good for this disease, because it is a cold at first.”

Use only proven home remedies

The difference: Over time, the disease can become significantly worse than a normal cold. But at the beginning, you could treat them similarly. Kekulé does not recommend a special home remedy, but says: “Everything that is normally good for colds should also be done. And most people know what that is. “

The virologist also advises against trusting unusual recommendations from the Internet. Numerous reports are currently circulating purported remediesthat are supposed to work against the virus – such as the urine of cows or highly diluted arsenic.

Dietary supplements do not help against the corona virus

Everything you need to know about supplements
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Dietary supplements do not help against the corona virus

The Federal Ministry of Food (BMEL) also warns of false promises of healing – from manufacturers of nutritional supplements. According to this, more and more providers would suggest that their preparations could help against the coronavirus.

“There is no dietary supplement that can prevent infection with the virus,” wrote the BMEL in one Message. “There are no scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of certain plants, vitamins or minerals against COVID-19.”

In order to prevent an infection with the coronavirus, the known measures continue to help:

  • Distance from other people
  • Wash your hands thoroughly
  • Avoid touching the face if possible

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