HomePod 2023 vs HomePod mini: What are the differences?

Apple recently announced the second-generation HomePod. But what are the differences between the HomePod 2023 vs the HomePod mini?

HomePod 2023 vs HomePod mini

The original HomePod was never officially released in the Netherlands, so it’s nice to see that Apple is releasing the HomePod 2023 here this time. But what if you already have a HomePod mini? What are the differences? Or what if you’re in doubt between the HomePod 2023 vs the HomePod mini?

HomePod 2023

Specifications HomePod 2023 and HomePod mini

To get straight to the point: for the best sound you have to go to the HomePod 2023. But do you have a small room? Or do you not want to spend too much for a speaker? Then you can also suffice with the HomePod mini. Even if you only want a smart speaker, the HomePod mini is the affordable choice.

The specifications of both HomePods have many similarities, but there are also quite a few differences.

HomePod 2023 HomePod mini
Price €349.00 €109.00
Dimensions 168x142x142 84.3×97.9×97.9
Weight 2.3 kg 345 grams
Colors White, midnight Space grey, white, blue,
orange, yellow
Internal chip S7 S5
Microphones 4 4
speakers Five hornloads
tweeters, each with
an own
neodymium magnet
Driver with full
reach and two
passive radiators
for bass sounds and
High tunes
Temperature and
Yes Yes
Spatial Audio Yes Yes
Space detection Yes no
Spring 2023 Spring 2023
Multiroom Audio Yes Yes
Air Play 2 Yes Yes
power cable Yes, with plug Yes, with USB-C

You can see that both speakers have many similarities in terms of functions. The biggest difference is space detection or ‘Spatial Awareness’. With this function, the HomePod 2023 knows where it is in your house. It automatically adjusts the sound to the environment, so that the sound waves go in the right direction. The HomePod mini does not have this feature.

HomePod mini

Link as a stereo pair

Also nice: you can pair two HomePods or two HomePod minis together and set them up as a stereo pair. Keep in mind that you can only pair two HomePods from the same series. It is therefore not possible to link the original HomePod with the HomePod 2023 in this way.

Buy HomePod 2023 or HomePod mini

The new HomePod is a bit on the pricey side: for 349 euros you have the smart speaker at home. Can’t wait for the smart speaker? Then the HomePod 2023 can now be pre-ordered. The HomePod 2023 will be available from February 3. You can pre-order here:

  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at YourMacStore
  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at Belsimpel

The HomePod mini is a lot cheaper and available almost everywhere. But look around for the best price. Below we have already listed some of the best deals for you.

  • Check out the offer at YourMacStore for € 103.97 euros
  • View the offer at Belsimpel for € 104.95 euros
  • View the offer at Coolblue € 109 euros
  • View the offer at Bol.com for € 119.95 euros

Do you want to make sure you are not going to pay too much? Below you will find our price comparison, with which you will always find the best price.

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  • HomePod 2023 vs HomePod mini: What are the differences?

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