HomeWizard Energy display now also shows humidity

Since energy prices have risen enormously, it is smart to keep a close eye on your energy use so as not to be faced with any surprises. One way to monitor your energy consumption is to use HomeWizard accessories. With the P1 dongle and the Energy app, you have direct insight into your gas and electricity consumption.

The P1 dongle is already used in many households. In addition to the Energy app, Homewizard has introduced the Energy display. This gives you immediate insight and thanks to an update, it now also shows the temperature and humidity in the house.

Home wizard Energy display

The Energy display has a 5-inch LCD screen on which you can view the current consumption of gas, electricity, water and the yield of your solar panels. For this you must have the Homewizard P1 dongle, Homewizard water meter and make a connection with your solar panels.

You can configure various components on the Energy Display. You can choose from all the graphs that you also see in your Energy app. Within the dashboard, you choose per data source (for example electricity) for today’s consumption display or the costs you have incurred up to that moment. If there is live data, you can also show the live data.

Homewizard Energy display humidity

The screen is equipped with a radar sensor to turn on the screen when there is movement. You can adjust the sensitivity in the settings, as well as the period for which the screen should remain active.

The screen dims automatically when it gets dark for perfect readability during both the day and night. There is also an option in the settings to adjust the brightness manually.

The Energy Display also has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor. This allows you to keep track of the ideal room temperature and adjust it if necessary. Turn down the thermostat to lower your gas bill or open a window to cool down.

Temperature and humidity graphs

Do you want to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity of the rooms in your house? Then you can find the graphs for temperature and humidity in the HomeWizard Energy app. You do need a linked Energy Display for this graph to appear.

  • Open the HomeWizard Energy app
  • Look for the Display in the list
  • View the data for temperature and humidity

In the horizontal view of the app (landscape) you can easily switch between the two graphs. Press ‘°C’ for temperature and ‘%’ for humidity. You can also switch between the now, day, week, month and year views.

Humidity on Energy Display

The temperature could already be set on your Energy Display, but you can also choose to show the humidity. Go to ‘Display’ via settings and then choose the place where you want to display the data. Select % for humidity from ‘Graph’ and set ideal humidity as target. For a pleasant indoor climate, the humidity in your home is ideally somewhere between 40% and 60%.

Homewizard products that work together with the display

To use a Homewizard Energy Display, you only need a WiFi connection and power via the USB cable (cable included). To get information on the screen, the more graphs you have in the app, the more choices you have for the dashboard on your Energy Display. To put together your own screen you can choose from:

  • Current total (P1 Meter)
  • Gas consumption (P1 Meter)
  • Water consumption (Water meter)
  • Power consumption of any device with a plug (Energy Socket)
  • Solar panels (kWh Meter or inverter coupling)
  • Power consumption of a car charger, heat pump or a group in you
  • meter cupboard (kWh Meter)
  • Gross power consumption (Energy+)
  • Solar consumption (Energy+ and inverter insights))
  • Ambient temperature

The Energy Display can be used if you own at least 1 HomeWizard product. But of course the more HomeWizard products you use, the more graphs you can set up.

Home wizard Energy display

Where to buy?

You can purchase the HomeWizard Energy Display on the HomeWizard website for €59.95. The screen comes with power cable and USB power adapter. You can read more information about the Display in our extensive review.

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