Honda E-Drag is Honda E modified for drag strip

The Tokyo Auto Salon is an annual show full of automotive curiosities. Car manufacturers and tuners present their most opinionated projects. Today we have two special features from Honda’s Honda Acces accessory division on offer. How about a Honda E converted into an electric sprint gun?

At the beginning of this week, Techzle got wind of a very idiosyncratic project by Honda Access. The company promised especially for the Tokyo Auto Salon to transform the electric Honda E into a true drag racer. Techzle has a closer look at Honda’s E-Drag automotive oddity.

Honda e-Drag and K-Climb

Honda e-Drag

Virtually all sheet metal parts of the naturally weighing 1,500 kg Honda E have been replaced by parts made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, to significantly reduce the vehicle weight. Unfortunately, no technical specifications or sprint figures have been released yet. The interior of the Honda E has been drained quite a bit, although the dashboard and door panels remain intact. This provides, certainly with the still visible wood finish, a special contrast with the bare steel and the roll cage and bucket seats. Race licks are folded around the alloy wheels, although they do not seem to have been applied at the time these photos were taken. What the E-Drag weighs and what it can do exactly, will have to be revealed later. The original is able to reach 100 km / h in 9.5 seconds.

Honda e-Drag and K-Climb

Honda N-One K-Drag

Also the new N-One, a kei-car that we do not know in Europe, is being spruced up by Honda Access. The K-Climb baptized little one is based on the N-One RS, the only N-One version with a manual six-speed gearbox, and retains its 64 hp three-cylinder turbo engine. However, the kei-car will be fitted with a sports suspension and carbon fiber bumpers, grille and bonnet. This further reduces the vehicle weight of about 850 kilos. Honda Acces immediately takes the opportunity to equip the K-Climb with two centrally located exhaust pipes. Here too, further technical specifications are still lacking.

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