Honda Sensing Elite offers autonomous driving

Next step in driver assistance and safety systems

Honda (Legend) 2021 - Sensing Elite system

Honda Sensing Elite

Honda has further developed the Sensing system from driver assistance and safety systems into Sensing Elite. This allows a Honda to drive independently.

Honda takes the next step in autonomous driving. The Honda Sensing driver assistance and safety system, which is now standard in new European Honda models, is being replaced by Honda Sensing Elite. This allows a Honda model to drive independently on the highway to a certain extent (level 3).

The Traffic Jam Pilot provides autonomous acceleration, driving, braking, stopping, restarting and steering in traffic and congestion. The adaptive cruise control has a low speed tracking function and Lane Keeping Assist. Other lane functions are also supported, such as automatic speed adjustment and lane change. Sensing Elite pays attention to any passing vehicles. There is also an emergency stop system.

In addition to cameras, the system uses GPS linked to a three-dimensional map of the road and its surroundings. In principle, all new functions can be performed ‘without hands’; despite 10 million simulated situations and 800,000 test kilometers, Honda calls for – as the law still prescribes – to keep its hands on the wheel. In order to keep the driver’s attention on the road, certain driving situations are not only highlighted on the multimedia screen. Honda simply uses old-fashioned lights, for example on the steering wheel and glove box.

The first model to be equipped with Sensing Elite is the Japanese Honda Legend. It is not yet known when the European models will be fitted.

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