How can you put your site online?

I have made a site in notepad with html, but how can I put it online?

Asker: Benjamin, 14 years old


If you have created your site, ie a folder with html files and associated images, the next step is to put that folder somewhere on a web server. With most internet subscriptions you get free web space.

To put your files there, you have to use another protocol ftp (file transfer protocol). In short, this is an agreed way of communicating between your computer and the server to exchange the necessary data. Other protocols you may know are http (surfing), POP (pick up mail), SMTP (send mail), Skype, …

Back to ftp: to do ftp you need an ftp client. By default you can do this with your explorer by starting with ftp:// and then entering the address to where you want to upload (see your provider manual for that). But you can also download other ftp programs such as cuteFTP. If you use Dreamweaver to create your site, it can also upload files via FTP.

VoilĂ , if you now put your site in the right place on your provider’s server with your ftp program, and then surf to the correct address (see your provider manual again), it should work. Please note that the two addresses ftp and http may differ (slightly)…

Success with it

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Dr. De Boeck Joan

Computer Sciences

Thomas More


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