How to add a watermark to your own photos

Protect your photos against abuse and theft with a watermark

In this article, we’ll discuss how to add both visible and invisible watermarks or copyright notices to your photos so that people know that you own the copyright to the image.

Visible watermark

To prevent others from taking credit for sharing photos, you can add a visible watermark, such as a logo or copyright notice. You do not need to have any knowledge of photo editing programs for this, because there are specialized tools for this.

If you think it’s okay to upload your photos, then a great app. You can drag multiple photos in formats such as jpg, png and webp to your browser window or upload the images via Choose Images. Then you indicate whether you Statue or Text want. In the first case you upload, for example, a logo, in the second case you enter the text in a suitable font on the web page. You can also find the Position, rotation, filling, Size, Visibility (degree of transparency), Image quality, Image background and Image format Set up.

At the very bottom you will find a custom url. It can be useful to save these, so that you immediately use the same settings next time. Press Get started to apply the watermark to all uploaded photos and download the resulting zip file.

If you are not keen on uploading photos, you can also download a desktop application like the free ImBatch use. This app can handle many more photo formats and also allows all kinds of additional batch operations.

To apply a watermark, add the desired images, click Add task, choose you make notes and select your Watermark (for a picture) or Watermark text. Select the added task and adjust everything to your liking in the properties window. You initiate the operation with the blue arrow button at the top left.

This web app offers quite a lot of options for your watermark.

Invisible watermark

Visible watermarks are perhaps the simplest and most common way to protect your photos from unauthorized copying, but, visible as they are, such watermarks mar the photos and may be easily removed.

Therefore are invisible watermarks often a better alternative. on you will find a free tool for applying an invisible watermark, albeit for one photo at a time. Choose Add watermark and press Upload image. Bee Edit watermark text enter your hidden message. Finally you press Embed and download and retrieve the edited photo.

If you suspect that someone has just copied your photo, you can upload that copy to this service, this time using the tab Retrieve watermark opens and on Extract watermark clicks. Now you can immediately see whether the photo indeed contains your hidden watermark.

There are also desktop applications that allow you to hide messages in photos — and even audio and video — such as OpenStego, but most apps are unfortunately quite dated. By the way, they are also more intended as steganographic tools, and not so much to detect copyright violations.

Finally, if you want to know more about adjusting your photos, we recommend the photo editing course at.

Hide a copyright notice in your photos undetected.

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