How to configure a passkey on Amazon?

How to configure a passkey on Amazon?

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Amazon activates stronger security optionally for its users. Here’s how to configure this passkey on Amazon.

Amazon now supports passkey login on web and iOS systems. This identification mode allows the user to free themselves from individual passwords by grouping connection information in a single tool. For example, Apple was one of the pioneers of this technology, allowing you to connect to certain services through its biometric identification protocol (Touch ID). To find out more about passkeys, we invite you to read our article on the subject.

Set up a passkey on Amazon

Prerequisites for setting up a passkey for Amazon

To follow this tutorial, you must already have a passkey system. For this example, we will use Apple’s Keychain Access system on a MacBook Air M1.

1. Access the my account section on the Amazon site

In a web browser, open the Amazon home page. Log in to your account then hover your mouse cursor over the “Hello your_first name Account and lists” menu, located at the top right of the screen, to bring up a contextual panel. Click on the Your account link.

Illustration Amazon Passkey 01

Accessing account settings on Amazon

2. Open connection settings

Click the button labeled Login & Security. In the new page that opens, enter your Amazon login ID and password. Amazon may ask you to verify your identity by entering a code on the web page automatically sent instantly to your email address or telephone number, by SMS.

Illustration Amazon Passkey 02

Accessing Amazon Account Login Settings

3. Set up a passkey with Amazon

In this new connection and security settings page, click on the configure button, corresponding to Passkey. The new window provides some additional information about this functionality. Click the yellow Configure button.

Illustration Amazon Passkey 03

Login and security settings on Amazon

Illustration Amazon Passkey 04

Configure an identification key on Amazon (passkey)

4. Authorize a computer passkey to access Amazon

In our case, we have Apple’s passkey system, called Keychain Access. On our MacBook Air M1 used for this example, we will use the fingerprint sensor to activate the connection with this method on a web browser.

Illustration Amazon Passkey 05

Completed setup of a Passkey on Amazon

Illustration Amazon Passkey 06

Now you know how to add the passkey authentication method to your Amazon account. Whether you use Apple’s biometric identification or that of a Google account, the principle to follow remains the same.

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