How to tilt the desktop in Windows 11

How to tilt the desktop in Windows 11

It can sometimes happen that the contents of your screen are suddenly tilted, for example after you have connected an external monitor. You may want to have your screen in portrait mode instead of horizontal landscape mode, for example when showing a presentation. Fortunately, you can easily arrange this within Windows 11.

Key combination

The fastest way to tilt your screen is by using the key combination Ctrl, Alt and the arrow keys. Instead of the arrow keys, you can also use 2,4,6,8 on the alphanumeric part of your keyboard. Make sure that Num Lock is turned off.

However, this trick does not always work, because it is not a standard Windows function is. Depending on the video card manufacturer, the key combinations may or may not work. If you have an Intel card, you can often use the key combination, but it is more difficult with Nvidia and AMD. For Nvidia you have to arrange this in the Control Panel, while for AMD you have the Catalyst Software Suite Need. Still can’t get your screen to rotate? Then you have to dive into the settings to still be able to tilt the screen. Fortunately this has been done.

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Without key combination

In the Settings app, go to System to the menu Display. below Scale and layout you can adjust the text size and screen resolution, but also the screen orientation. If all goes well, this default is on landscape. In the drop-down menu you can also choose standing. If you want to have the image mirrored, choose Landscape (mirrored) or Portrait (mirrored). Mouse behavior also changes, so keep that in mind. Depending on how you position your screen, you can choose which position works best for you.

At Screen orientation you can choose the desired orientation.

Confirm your choice by clicking Keep changes to click or click Undo or the Esc key to go back to the old settings. If you don’t click confirm, the orientation will change back after 15 seconds.

Multiple screens

If you have connected multiple screens, you can go to Advanced Display go under Related settings. Bee Select a display to view or change its settings choose the correct screen. You can then tilt the screen in the Display menu for this monitor. It is therefore possible to set a different orientation for each connected screen.


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