Hyundai ’45 EV ‘makes first test kilometers

Hyundai is preparing for the arrival of its first fully developed EV model. The Kona Electric and the Ioniq Electric will eventually be joined by models that are on a new basis developed for EVs. Here we see the first of them; the production version of the 45 Concept.

Last fall Hyundai looked back and forward with the 45 Concept. That was a tribute to the Pony CoupĂ© Concept (last three photos), which launched Hyundai’s car division 45 years ago. With the 45 Concept, Hyundai presented a modern reincarnation of the Pony concept, which in turn marks the start of a new era. The production version of the 45 is the first Hyundai on the E-GMP platform. This has been specially developed for cars with an electric power train. The 45 now makes its first test kilometers in production form.

Although everything and anything is packed, we can see from the roofline and various folds in the nose that this is the 45 Concept-based model. The tightly defined outlines of the grille and headlights are partly discernible. It is clear that Hyundai uses a considerably more minimalist and tighter design language for its first single electric model than we are used to from the brand. We often see retro influences in a sleek, contemporary look with EVs. Consider, for example, the Honda E.

At the moment not much is known about this newcomer, except that it looks like a five-door hatchback that is relatively high on the legs. A subtle crossover, if necessary. Given the early testing stage and the deafening silence from Hyundai about this car, we expect the introduction at the earliest in the course of next year.

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