I want an iPhone 16 Pro mini – and that’s how it will be a success

Small smartphones are completely out of fashion, but I still secretly hope that Apple will make an iPhone 16 Pro mini (or – ahead – an iPhone 17 Pro mini). And I have an idea how it will be a success anyway.

History repeats itself

It feels a bit like ten years ago. In 2014, Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. For Apple that was a big step – literally. After the company held on to the 3.5- and 4-inch format for years (because, according to Steve Jobs, it fit so well in your pocket), two iPhones were suddenly released with a 4.7- and 5.5-inch screen. Soon, users—okay, tech journalists—revolted. Because these phones are way too big, right? You cannot easily operate them with one hand, they stick out of your pocket and bigger always means heavier. In short, large iPhones are inferior to a large iPhone in every way – except for battery life and the larger screen.

The uprising was so great at the time that the smaller 4-inch format was reintroduced in 2016. The first iPhone SE had the latest Apple hardware, only in a smaller housing. Combined with the low price, the first iPhone SE became a great success. Just like the iPhone SE 2020 four years later. Although it was slightly larger, it was Apple’s smallest phone at that time. But fine, there seemed to be a demand for small iPhones.

The iPhone 12 mini problem

2021 marked the return of the tiny iPhone to the big stage. The iPhone 12 mini was the smallest iPhone since the first iPhone SE. And this time it was not a budget model: the 12 mini was presented together with the other ‘real’ iPhones and even got a special moment during the keynote. Sales success guaranteed, you would think.

iphone 12 mini vs iphone 13 mini highlighted

Unfortunately, this was disappointing in practice. I think that was mainly due to the reviews. While generally positive, almost every reviewer had one major complaint: battery life. Because what do you get when you combine a small housing with an almost borderless screen? That’s right, a battery that is too small in comparison. Apple was able to partly solve that problem with the iPhone 13 mini, but public opinion had already been formed. “Stay away from the iPhone mini if ​​you want to use your iPhone all day.” And so it remained with two versions of the mini, and in its place we received a second larger phone in addition to the iPhone Pro Max.

This is how the iPhone 16 Pro mini will be a success

It is now often claimed that customers passed up the last small iPhone because of the smaller screen. I don’t think that’s right. I hear from family, friends and readers that they don’t want such a large screen at all, precisely because the iPhone remains handy and fits in your pocket. A long battery life, on the other hand, is in the top 3, as is a good camera. So it is completely clear: Apple must make an iPhone 16 Pro mini.

Such an iPhone 16 Pro mini must of course be exactly the same in terms of hardware as the ‘normal’ iPhone 16 Pro. So an A18 Pro, combined with three cameras on the back, and a high-quality titanium housing. The highlight: this iPhone 16 Pro mini may be small in width and height, but it is a lot thicker. This not only makes it more comfortable to hold, Apple can also install a battery that has a capacity similar to that of larger phones.

By the way, I also thought about Apple’s margins. If an iPhone 16 Pro mini is more niche, the company with a Pro label can of course charge a higher price. The extra price will not deter people who really want a smaller phone.

Alternative option: an iPhone 16 Pro mini made for AI

Now a thicker iPhone mini with a large battery will probably remain a dream forever. Moreover, it is a fairly conservative idea. That’s why I came up with another option for Apple. AI devices such as the Rabbit R1 are still very hip at the moment. What if the iPhone 16 Pro mini was made entirely for AI? It contains a kind of ‘A18 Lite’ that is not particularly powerful but extra energy efficient. This ensures that the battery lasts a long time.

What the chip has been completely optimized for are AI functions. Tasks that normally require a lot of computing power are simply ‘outsourced’ to an AI. This can be done on the device itself or in Apple’s privacy-friendly iCloud. Because these features are all so advanced, the ‘Pro’ addition doesn’t look out of place on this iPhone. So, Apple, are you reading along? These are two perfect ways to make an iPhone 16 Pro mini a success. Don’t mention it.

Now a small iPhone?

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