iBood Hunt: MacBook Pro, iPads and more with a high discount for a limited time

Planning to purchase a new iPad or MacBook? Then that works out well! You can now temporarily purchase the MacBook Pro 2023, iPad 2022 and more at a high discount during the iBood Hunt. iPhoned has selected the best deals for you.

About the iBood Hunt

The iBood Hunt is the iBood event where you benefit from high discounts on various Apple products, among other things. Are you looking for a new MacBook or iPad? Then now is the time to purchase this. But be quick, because during the iBood Hunt the following applies: OP=OP.

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MacBook with discount: up to 720 euros


The MacBook, Apple’s popular laptop, is popular for its combination of powerful performance and elegant and sleek design. Thanks to advanced chips such as the M2 and M3, the MacBook performs extremely fast. The slim and light design also makes the laptop easy to carry, ideal for people who work or study on the go.

The MacBook’s Retina display delivers sharp images and vivid colors, allowing you to view photos, videos and documents in the highest quality. Thanks to the impressive battery life, users can also work all day without having to worry about recharging. During the iBood Hunt you can now get various MacBooks at an extra discount.

  • MacBook Air 2020 13-inch M1 256GB Silver: from 1219 euros for 879 euros
  • MacBook Pro 2023 14-inch M3 512GB Silver: from 2029 euros for 1699.95 euros
  • MacBook Pro 2023 16-inch M2 512GB Space Gray: from 3419 euros for 2699 euros
iPad 2022

iPad with discount: up to 500 euros

With the iPad you have a versatile Apple tablet in your hands. With this tablet you can enjoy your favorite films and series anywhere. Are you on the road a lot? With the help of a number of handy iPad accessories such as the Apple Pencil, Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse, you can also transform your iPad into a notepad or laptop.

When purchasing a new iPad, you can choose from four different models: the iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini. In addition to the differences in size, there is also a difference in the processor. Do you want to use your iPad mainly for watching films and series and keeping up with your email? Then the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini are certainly a suitable choice. Are you planning to mainly use your iPad for editing videos? Then the iPad Pro is a better choice!

  • Apple Pencil USB-C: from 95 euros for 87.95 euros
  • Apple Magic Keyboard 12.9-inch: from 429 euros for 229 euros
  • iPad 2022 64GB: from 589.45 euros for 419.95 euros
  • iPad mini 2021 64GB: from 659.45 euros for 489.95 euros
  • iPad 2022 64GB 5G: from 789 euros for 579.95 euros
  • iPad Air 2022 64GB: from 789 euros for 597.95 euros
  • iPad Pro 2022 12.9 -inch 128GB: from 1469 euros for 1149 euros
  • iPad Pro 2022 12.9-inch 256GB: from 1599 euros for 1199 euros
  • iPad Pro 2022 5G 12.9-inch 256GB: from 1799 euros for 1299 euros

AirTag with discount: up to 44 euros

airtags ibood Hunt

The AirTag, Apple’s very first ‘tracker’, is the perfect solution to ensure that you no longer have to endlessly search for your keys and other belongings. In the ‘Find My’ app you can see exactly where your things are.

During the iBood Hunt you will benefit from a high discount on this Apple AirTag. You can get a 4-pack of this tracker for 95 euros. That means you still pay 23.75 euros per AirTag instead of the regular 34.95 euros.

  • Apple AirTag Silicone Loop: from 55 euros for 9.95 euros
  • Apple AirTag 1 piece: from 39 euros for 28.95 euros
  • Apple AirTag 4-pack: from 129 euros for 95 euros

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