Indian announces completely new 2025 Scout family

Indian Motorcycle has significantly updated its most important model, the Scout, for model year 2025 and the platform to no less than 5! various models expanded: the Scout Bobber, Sport Scout, Scout Classic, Super Scout and 101 Scout. The 2025 Scout line-up delivers a unique combination of iconic American design, legendary balance between power and control, and new rider-oriented technology.

The Scout is the most important model in the entire line-up for Indian, so it is not surprising that they did not make an overnight decision for the 2025 edition. The new Scout had to be very recognisably Indian from every perspective: the silhouette and lines seen from a distance, the surface of the materials when you stand next to it and the attention to detail when you approach it head on. to sit.

The most important motto of the design team was “keep it clean” and that sounds much simpler than it actually is. The new Scout had to be free of disturbing elements, such as ugly cables that disrupt the image. And the more disturbing elements you want to hide from view to make the engine look as clean as possible, the more difficult it becomes.

That “keep it clean” had several reasons, on the one hand to give the engine a pure appearance and on the other hand to give it an ideal basis for Custom builders. The less there is on a motorcycle, the easier it is to completely personalize it. By professionals, or by yourself if you have two right hands.

The beating heart of the new Scout is a completely revised design of the 1,250cc liquid-cooled V-twin – the Speedplus 1250. Indian claims a top power of 111 hp and a maximum torque of 109 Nm, which, according to the Americans, results in crisp acceleration and superior overtaking ability. must have resulted.

Ben Lindaman, Product Director for Indian Motorcycle:

‚ÄúScout is a much-loved model and the most iconic and historic model of our range, resonating with all types of motorcyclists, men and women, from all over the world. Since the launch of the current Scout 10 years ago, the mid-size cruiser segment has evolved. After conducting tons of research, rider insights guided our developments that prioritized the Scout’s iconic styling, its class-leading performance and new rider-focused technology.”

To develop an American icon like the Indian Scout, Indian Motorcycle focused its efforts in three areas. First and foremost, the new Scout must retain its legendary design DNA. Motorcyclists unanimously love the look and style of the Indian Scout, research had shown the Americans.

Indian Motorcycle then designed the lineup to meet the needs of the diverse group of riders. A low weight and a low seat height of 680 mm provide agile handling and inspire rider confidence.

The third priority in developing the all-new Indian Scout was technology. While driving aids were not a priority for drivers 10 years ago, things are different now. The new model range for model year 2025 offers a variety of packages – giving you a wide price range and the opportunity to tailor the Scout to your own needs.

Indian Scout Bobber

Stripped down with an aggressive stance and raw power, Indian says the Scout Bobber is the perfect expression of the iconic bobber style. Blacked out from front to back with chopped bobber fenders and headlight bracket, it leans hard on a mean bobber vibe. A single bobber-style saddle enhances the minimalist bobber aesthetic.

Indian Sports Scout

Inspired by history but redesigned for today’s style, the Sport Scout brings a more aggressive touch to the Scout lineup. The most eye-catching is the headlight fairing, but the biggest difference is in the handlebars, which Indian has mounted on 150 mm high risers, which will create a kind of apehanger seat. Indian talks of revised ergonomics to match its menacing style with improved range and control for aggressive driving.

The sports seat offers riders more back support and comfort to ride longer and harder, without compromising the sleek style of the motorcycle. The 19-inch front wheel contributes to the Sport Scout’s aggressive character, both in terms of style and agility.

Indian Scout Classic

The Scout Classic is a heritage-inspired design that meets the needs of today’s American cruiser rider. Premium chrome, classic Indian Motorcycle flared fenders and impeccable paint will turn heads at any intersection. At least, that’s what Indian hopes. Spoke wheels contribute to the timeless, authentic style.

Indian Super Scout

The Super Scout can be seen as the more dressed up version of the Scout. The saddlebags, spoke wheels, windshield and pillion sissy bar are all standard. The Super Scout saddlebags make it easy to carry essentials for a weekend away.

The quick release windshield can be removed in seconds for a different look, while the 76mm suspension travel increases comfort for riding longer and further. Premium chrome finishes and flawless paint contribute to the timeless styling that comes from the Indian Scout heritage.

Indian 101 Scout

Finally, the 101 Scout. Rooted in history as one of the best (Indian) motorcycles ever made, the 101 Scout is purpose-built to be the highest performing Scout that Indian Motorcycle has ever offered. When it comes to power and style, the Indian 101 Scout resets the bar for American V-Twin cruisers.

Nice words from Indian, but you could also see it as the premium version of the Sport Scout. With adjustable rear shocks with piggyback reservoir, an upside down front fork and double Brembo disc brakes with Monobloc calipers, the Indian 101 Scout is indeed packed with premium stuff. A custom-stitched gunfighter-style solo saddle should provide premium comfort. Precise attention to detail completes the look with 101 Scout badges and exclusive paint and graphics.

New for model year 2025, the Indian Scout family is available with three technological equipment levels. The Standard trim offers an affordable price offering to attract potential customers to the line-up, while the Limited trim goes a step further and introduces rider-centric technology. At the top of the line, the Limited +Tech trim offers the best of the best, with the most driver aids ever offered on an Indian Scout.


The lineup starts with three models with standard equipment: Scout Classic, Scout Bobber and Sport Scout. Each of these models comes standard with ABS, new LED lighting and an analogue gauge with newly introduced fuel gauge and consumption indicator, for riders who want to join the brand new Scout range at a lower price.


The Limited version of the Indian Scout complements the Standard version with the premium badging and the driving aids traction control and cruise control, three riding modes (Sport, Standard and Tour) with which the throttle response can be adjusted, and a USB charging point. The Limited is available on the Scout Classic Limited, Scout Bobber Limited and Sport Scout Limited.

Limited + Tech

At the cream of the crop, the Limited +Tech Trim should deliver an unparalleled Indian Scout experience, according to the Americans. Building on the standard and Limited features, the Limited +Tech Trim introduces the familiar 101mm round TFT touchscreen display that we already know from the FTR. This display offers a GPS system with turn-by-turn navigation and point-to-point route planning, configurable meters, trip statistics and much more. Limited +Tech Trim also offers keyless ignition. Available on the Scout Classic, Scout Bobber and Sport Scout models, the TFT is already standard on the Super Scout and 101 Scout.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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