Installing apps outside the App Store will soon require additional steps

In the EU you can easily install Apps from outside the App Store. But that will cost you some extra steps. This is what’s going on.

Installing apps outside of the App Store requires additional steps

In iOS 17.4, something will change with the App Store. It should then be possible to install apps from outside the regular App Store, but this will require some more actions.

third party app store

Now when you grab an app from the App Store, all you have to do is approve the download with Face ID or Touch ID and the download will begin immediately. Do you want to download an app from a third-party app store? You will then first see a message asking whether you are sure you want to install the app.

In the beta of iOS 17.4, you will also see this message the first time you want to download something from the regular App Store. But Apple has already confirmed that this is a mistake.

You will not receive the notification in the app store that you have set as default on your iPhone. You will only receive the message when you want to download an app from another app store (not your standard one).

iOS 17.4: This will change even more

Apple has released beta 4 of iOS 17.4. And the biggest new feature is installing apps outside the App Store. But that’s not the only thing that will change on your iPhone.

iOS 17.4

Apple’s NFC chip will also be opened to third parties, allowing you to pay in multiple ways with your iPhone. Major changes, all of which are the result of new European regulations.

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