Ionity lowers prices for fast charging

Even without subscription


We don’t know (for sure) whether it is due to the hot breath of Tesla’s Supercharger, but fast charging network Ionity is lowering prices. Anyone who takes out a subscription can now fast charge at Ionity for 39 cents per kWh.

To be able to charge at Ionity for 39 cents per kWh, you must take out an Ionity Passport Power subscription. That costs €11.99 per month. There is also a less expensive intermediate step, intended for those who regularly, but not often, use the Ionity fast charger. The Ionity Passport Motion subscription costs €5.99 per month, after which you pay €0.49 per kWh. ‘Ad-hoc’ users, i.e. people who register at the white-purple Ionity pole without a subscription, spend 69 cents per kWh in the Netherlands. That was 79 cents, so a downward trend also seems visible there.

The fact that Ionity is lowering prices may well be due to increasing competition. Fastned is making good progress and charges 69 cents per kWh without membership, while at Shell you spend a little more at 73 cents. Also not to be missed is Tesla, which also opens its enormous Supercharger network in Europe to drivers of other brands. Tesla is and remains the most affordable in this area: even without a subscription, depending on the time of day, you only pay about 30 cents per kWh. With membership this drops to values ​​around 25 cents per kWh.

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