iOS 17.4.1 is out for iPhone (but what’s new?)

Apple has released a new update for the iPhone. But what exactly is new in the update to iOS 17.4.1?

New update for the iPhone: iOS 17.4.1

Let’s get straight to the point: iOS 17.4.1 contains no new features. There are quite a few security updates and problems are being fixed. It is therefore important that you install the update on your iPhone as soon as possible.

iOS 17.4.1

Download iOS 17.4.1

The update is now available for every iPhone with iOS 17. The quickest way to download iOS 17.4.1 is as follows:

  • Make sure your iPhone battery is at least 50 percent full, or hang it on the charger;
  • Go to the Settings app and tap ‘General’;
  • Choose ‘Software Update’ and tap ‘Download and Install’.

You can of course also wait until your iPhone finds the update on its own, but that sometimes takes a few days. It is therefore better to immediately download the update to iOS 17.4.1 yourself.

Updates for iPad, Apple Vision Pro and older iPhones

Do you have an iPhone that is still on iOS 16? Then Apple has also released an update for that. iOS 16.7.7 can now be downloaded for these iPhones. This also mainly contains security updates and bug fixes.

Furthermore, updates have also been released for the iPad (iPadOS 17.4.1) and there is a new update for the Apple Vision Pro with visionOS 1.1.1 for the lucky ones who have one.

Real new features will only come in iOS 17.5

With iOS 17.4.1, Apple is not bringing any new features to your iPhone. For new features we will probably have to wait for iOS 17.5, the first test version of which will probably be released in about two weeks.

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