iOS 17.4 is out: these big changes are coming to your iPhone

Just update! Apple has released iOS 17.4, bringing huge changes to your iPhone. This is new in the update.

Apple releases iOS 17.4

Apple has released another new update for your iPhone! It is a huge update, which comes with major changes. These adjustments are related to new European legislation, which will come into effect from March 7. That’s why Apple had until Wednesday to implement major changes and we now finally see them in iOS 17.4. Therefore, read on quickly, because this is a major update. These are new features!

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iOS 17.4 is out: these big changes are coming to your iPhone

1. Install new App Stores

From iOS 17.4 it is possible for the first time to install alternative app stores. This means that you can also install apps that are not in Apple’s App Store. This is the result of European legislation, which states that users must also be able to download apps outside the App Store. As soon as more app stores are available, you can choose which one you want to use by default.

third party app store

2. More payment options in iOS 17.4

Starting with iOS 17.4, Apple allows you to use payment methods other than Apple Pay. This is due to opening up the NFC chip, which is used for digital transactions with your iPhone. You will soon also be able to pay contactlessly with your phone, without using Apple Pay or your Wallet. It is expected that banks and other payment methods will soon introduce new payment options for your iPhone.

Moreover, from iOS 17.4 you are no longer limited when paying in apps. Currently you can choose from only a limited number of payment options, but this will change with the update. Apple then allows many more options, so you no longer have to make an in-app purchase.

3. Full-fledged versions of browsers

Another change due to European legislation: more browsers are allowed in iOS 17.4. Installing another browser was already possible on your iPhone, but it used Safari’s WebKit engine. As a result, the browser ran the same as Safari, but with a different look (and some extra features). In iOS 17.4, these limits have disappeared from other browsers.

This means, for example, that you can finally use a full-fledged version of Google Chrome. It is therefore expected that updates will soon be available for various browsers so that they no longer run on Apple’s WebKit. With iOS 17.4 you can choose which browser you use by default. Here we tell you how to choose a new default browser after installing the update.

default browser

More new features in iOS 17.4

Apple is making enormous changes for your iPhone with iOS 17.4. Another small adjustment is the introduction of a series of new emojis, which was previously announced. These improvements are coming even more to your iPhone with the latest iOS 17 version:

  • Siri can read messages in Apple’s Messages;
  • Podcasts in Apple Music have transcripts;
  • Stolen device protection has been improved;
  • A new layer of security for iMessage.

The new update is now available to everyone and can be found on your iPhone under ‘Settings > General > Software update’. A new software version is also available for the iPad, which includes important changes. Do you want to know what changes in iPadOS 17.4? Then read all about the new update for your iPad here!

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