iOS 18 beta 3 is out: these are all the new features for your iPhone

iOS 18 Beta 3 has recently been released. Here you can read what the new features are and what improvements are included!

iOS 18 beta 3 is out: these are all the new features for your iPhone

The latest version of iOS was unveiled during WWDC 2024. Apple has now released beta 3 of iOS 18. In contrast to the previous beta, this time there are a number of improvements.

New icons for dark mode

There are now more icons for the dark mode. More third-party apps now show a dark version of the app icon, think of FaceBook, Telegram, Slack and YouTube. Not all icons support the dark mode yet (for example those of Marktplaats), but it seems that Apple is also making these icons a bit darker.

dark mode icons

Photos app

In previous versions of iOS 18, if you wanted to select multiple photos (to delete them, for example), you had to first swipe down on the photos in the Photos app. Then the button at the top right changed to ‘Select’. Now that button is always immediately available. Also handy: the search button has now become a magnifying glass.

ios 18 photos

Emoji, Memoji and stickers

Messages now brings emoji, Memoji, and stickers together. You can now access all emoji, Memoji, and stickers by tapping in the text field in Messages and then opening the emoji keyboard.

Dynamic background

iOS 18 beta 3 now includes a dynamic background for the iOS 18 wallpaper. This background automatically changes its color depending on the time of day.

And more …

On the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, the flashlight app has gotten a bit of a makeover. It’s now easier to adjust the brightness and width of the flashlight.

Apple has also adjusted the RCS setting in Messages and added some more explanation. RCS is considered a supplement to (or replacement of) SMS and is also seen as the improved version of SMS and MMS. RCS makes it much easier to send messages from an iPhone to a device running Android. It is not yet known whether and when this function will come to the Netherlands.

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