iOS 18 gets a completely new home screen (with these functions)

According to new rumors, iOS 18 will have a new home screen, giving you as a user much more freedom. You can expect these new features!

iOS 18 is coming

We don’t have to wait much longer, because Apple will present iOS 18 in June. Expectations are high, as it is rumored to be the largest iPhone update ever. Apple is catching up in the field of artificial intelligence with iOS 18. We therefore see many new AI functions, but Apple is also not leaving the home screen unchanged in iOS 18.

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It was already clear that as a user you will have much more freedom when arranging the home screen in iOS 18. After installing the update, you can decide where you place apps on the screen. Now you are still dependent on the (invisible) grid in which you have to place applications. This is no longer the case with iOS 18, so you don’t have to place apps right below or next to each other. Instead, you choose where you place an app.

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More changes for the home screen

According to the usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, iOS 18 allows users to adjust the colors of the apps on the home screen. Now you have little choice, you have to make do with the icons that the developers make for the apps. It is possible to adjust the images in a roundabout way, but that is often cumbersome and you need third-party apps for that.

From iOS 18, Apple will introduce the function itself, allowing you to adjust the colors of the icons as standard on the iPhone. This makes it possible to turn all social media apps blue and all streaming services red. It is still unclear whether you can only adjust the color or choose a new icon for each app. In any case, iOS 18 will bring major changes to the iPhone’s home screen.

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Release of iOS 18

In June we will know for sure which new features Apple will bring to the home screen of your iPhone with iOS 18. Apple presents the major update Monday June 10, which is the first day of the WWDC. That evening, Apple will also unveil other major software updates, such as watchOS 11, macOS 15 and iPadOS 18. Apple is expected to mainly introduce new AI features.

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According to previous rumors, almost all Apple apps will have useful functions related to artificial intelligence. For example, you will soon be able to automatically create playlists with Apple Music, editing photos will become a lot easier in the Photos app and Siri will receive a huge update. Are you curious about all the new features in iOS 18? Then read all about the biggest iPhone update in years here!

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