iOS 18 gets a new design (but macOS will have to wait a little longer)

There are many new features coming to your iPhone this year, but iOS 18 also gets a new design. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the Mac, because macOS will have to wait a little longer.

iOS 18: biggest update in years

Apple is bringing a huge update to your iPhone this year with iOS 18. The new features mainly have to do with artificial intelligence, because Apple is catching up in the field of AI this year. We therefore see many new AI functions in iOS 18, with Siri in particular becoming a lot smarter. A major update like iOS 18 obviously does not come without a new design.

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It is therefore expected that we will see major changes in the interface of iOS 18. Previous rumors predicted that Apple will bring many features of visionOS to the iPhone, but Apple expert Mark Gurman now refutes that. He says that there will indeed be a new design for iOS 18, but that it will look different from visionOS. And that’s not all, because according to Gurman, macOS should even do without a redesign.

apple vision apps

No new design for macOS

This year, iOS 18 will have a completely new design, which is not based on visionOS. This has to do with the design of visionOS, where you continue to see your surroundings through the transparent backgrounds. Gurman says that iOS is not suitable for this, so Apple is opting for a completely new design. It now appears that we will not see that design on macOS for a while.

At least this year, Apple will stick to the same interface with the Mac as in macOS Sonoma. A big change in that update was the introduction of widgets on your desktop. With macOS 15, more functions will probably be added to widgets and we will see more AI functions. Unlike iOS 18, the design changes for macOS won’t be ready until 2025 or 2026.

macOS Sonoma widgets

This is when iOS 18 arrives

So you should keep an eye on iOS 18 for a new design this year. The major updates for macOS and iOS are unveiled at the same time, which Apple usually does in June. The new software versions for watchOS, iPadOS and visionOS will also be announced. It is expected that we will mainly see useful AI functions in all operating systems in 2024.

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It will take some time before we can really get started with these new features, because iOS 18 will not be released until September. The test versions will be released earlier, so we will know the new design of iOS 18 a few months earlier. Want to know more about the biggest update for your iPhone ever? Then read here what we already know about the new features in iOS 18.

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