iOS 18: Is this the new design of the major update?

According to rumors, Apple will bring the biggest update ever to your iPhone this year, which will also include changes to the interface. Is this the new design of iOS 18?

‘iOS 18 will be a major update’

Everything so far indicates that iOS 18 will be a huge update for your iPhone. According to the usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, iOS 18 is even the biggest update for your iPhone ever. Apple is reportedly planning to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence, making Siri in particular much smarter. That’s not all, because the design of iOS 18 is also being adjusted.

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According to rumors, major changes will be implemented in iOS 18, because Messages and Apple Music will also receive useful AI functions. Other apps getting new AI features include Keynote, Pages and the Photo Library. It therefore promises to be an important update, with Apple probably not leaving the interface unchanged. We already know this about the new design of iOS 18.

apple visions

New interface resembles visionOS

New rumors predict that iOS 18’s interface will resemble visionOS. That is the new operating system that Apple has developed especially for the Vision Pro. In visionOS, the corners of apps are rounder and much more shadow and depth is added to various tabs and apps. Apple reportedly plans to include these elements in the design of iOS 18.

The rumors are (partly) based on the new design of the Apple TV app, which has added a floating bar to the side of the screen. The app has not yet been updated on the iPhone, but that may change this year with iOS 18. It is not expected that Apple will adjust the design of various apps before the release of iOS 18.

tvOS iOS 18

This is when iOS 18 will be released

It is still unclear whether the design of iOS 18 will indeed resemble the interface of visionOS. For example, Apple did not adjust the design of iOS when releasing watchOS. The same goes for macOS Big Sur, which adds much more shadow and depth on the Mac. These effects differ per operating system, so it remains to be seen which components will also come to the iPhone.

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We will have to wait a while until we know more about the new interface, because iOS 18 will not be released until September. Apple will probably reveal the design of iOS 18 earlier, in June. Apple will also present the iPhone 16 and the Apple Watch X. Do you want to know more about the biggest update for your iPhone ever? Then read here what we already know about the new features in iOS 18.

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