iOS 18 lets you organize the iPhone’s home screen yourself – this is how it works

Big changes are coming to your iPhone this year and with iOS 18 it will even be possible to organize your home screen yourself. We already know this!

Big changes in iOS 18

We still have to wait for the first test version of iOS 17.5, but in the background Apple is already working hard on iOS 18. This will reportedly be the biggest iPhone update in years, introducing a huge number of new features. According to rumors, users will have much more freedom in the new iOS version, with iOS 18 you can finally arrange the home screen of your iPhone yourself.

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Previously, the usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman indicated that the home screen will have more functions in iOS 18. For example, you will soon be able to choose which icon is visible for an app. This is now also possible via apps such as Assignments and Widgetsmith, but Apple also provides the option in iOS 18 itself. This gives the home screen the biggest adjustment in years.

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Home screen gets more options

It has been possible to personalize your lock screen since iOS 16. In that update, Apple introduced depth images and widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen. You could also adjust the color and font of the clock for the first time. With iOS 18, it’s the turn of your iPhone’s home screen, as similar features will become available.

According to rumors, Apple itself gives the option to customize the icons of apps in iOS 18. You will soon also be able to choose that applications have no icons at all, creating empty rows between apps. The applications must still be placed in the same rows and columns. So you cannot place the apps where you want, as is currently the case in macOS.


More new features in iOS 18

It is not yet known whether you can also personalize the images in apps. This is already possible via third-party apps, so it is hoped that Apple itself will also implement the function in iOS 18. Then you will no longer have to adjust the app icons in a roundabout way, but you will already get the function as standard. your iPhone. In that case, you can really personalize the home screen in iOS 18.

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It’s quite possible that Apple is working on a new design for iOS 18, as it will reportedly be the biggest iPhone update in years. This is due to developments in the field of artificial intelligence, the consequences of which we will see in iOS 18. Are you curious about which AI functions we will see on the iPhone this year? Then read everything about iOS 18 here!

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