iOS 18: unfortunately these 3 features are not coming directly to the EU

Apple recently announced that three key features of iOS 18 and MacOS Sequoia will not be immediately available in the EU upon release. But what are those functions?

3 iOS 18 and MacOS Sequoia not available in the EU

This concerns the functions Apple Intelligence, iPhone synchronous display (iPhone Mirroring) and SharePlay Screen Sharing. In fact, Apple has said that these iOS 18 and MacOS Sequoia features won’t be available to EU customers at all this year due to regulatory compliance concerns. Digital Markets Act.

This is a bit of a downer for Apple customers in the EU, as the features in question are among the most significant improvements Apple unveiled at WWDC. Apple Intelligence is an important new initiative with many new AI functions and a major innovation of the virtual assistant Siri.

iPhone Mirroring is the main new feature in macOS Sequoia, allowing you to see a live interactive screen from your iPhone on your Mac. Notifications from the iPhone also appear on the Mac screen. And SharePlay Screen Sharing is an upgrade of the screen sharing feature in FaceTime. With iOS 18, you can request to take control of another device.

iOS 18 EU

Unclear when the EU will follow suit

It’s a bit unclear what exactly the Digital Markets Act requires when it comes to these new features. But Apple said in a statement that it would compromise “privacy and security.” An expected release date for these iOS 18 features in the EU has not been announced.

The rollout of Apple Intelligence for English-language devices will begin in the US this fall with the release of iOS 18. More Intelligence features, including some of the new Siri capabilities, will appear in future iOS 18 updates. The iPhone Mirroring feature is coming later this year, in an update to macOS Sequoia. SharePlay Screen Sharing should be part of the initial iOS 18 release.

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